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Pedal Haus’s tasty brews debut downtown

February 27th, 2020 development
Pedal Haus’s tasty brews debut downtown

By Kevin Reagan
Staff Writer

Tempe’s Pedal Haus Brewery is bringing its menu of original beers and tasty burgers to downtown Chandler.

The popular brewery opened its first satellite location on the corner of Boston and Oregon streets – next door to Sasha’s Kitchen and The Brickyard – in a 5,000-square-foot space equipped with ample patio space.

Its arrival adds to Chandler’s growing list of brewery options, which already include SanTan Brewing Company, Helluva, and The Perch.

Chandler’s reputation as a brew-friendly community made it the right spot to expand Pedal Haus’s brand, said owner Julian Wright.

“It seemed like a great fit for the concept,” he said.

Browsing through Pedal’s brew menu is like taking a trip around the world. From the smooth Mexican amber lager to the crisp German pilsner, the Pedal Haus purposefully aims to introduce customers to international flavors.

The brewery’s Belgian Quadruple is one of its most complex concoctions; brewing Westmalle yeast inside American bourbon and French wine barrels – resulting in a warm vanilla zest.

Wright personally prefers the light juiciness of the brewery’s White Rabbit Pale Ale.   

“That’s the most addicting beer I’ve ever drank in my entire life,” he said. “It’s hard to have just three.”

Wright’s has opened and operated restaurants around the Valley for the last 20 years. His other establishments include The Handlebar, La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Ted’s Refreshments.

Wright had not gotten into the brewing business until 2015, when he teamed up with Derek Osborne to open Pedal Haus on Mill Avenue.

Osborne had been studying to become a chiropractor before deciding to teach himself how to brew beer. He started working at BJ’s Brewhouse, where he met Wright and formed a partnership.   

Not many brewers were focusing on German lagers or Belgian ales at this time, Wright recalled, so they felt Pedal Haus could carve out a piece of the market by producing a lighter, smoother beer menu.

“You can hide a lot of flaws in an (India Pale Ale) but brewing a light lager is like wearing a speedo on a crowded beach,” Osborne told Voyage Phoenix in 2018. “You just can’t hide any flaws in either.”

The strategy seems to have worked since Pedal Haus has won numerous of brewing awards and was named the “best brewery in North America” at the 2019 Copa Cervezas de America competition.

Pedal’s Tempe headquarters has been growing and expanding since it opened – adding more fermentation tanks and trying to boost its supply.

It can take four times longer to brew some of Pedal’s lagers than other styles of beers, Wright said, but the company thinks quality should sometimes outweigh quantity. 

“We’ve been growing really slowly but really steadily for the last four years,” Wright said.

The goal over the next few years will be to open more satellite spots across the Valley, he added. In addition to the Chandler location, Pedal’s eyeing another restaurant on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix.

At some point in the future, Pedal hopes to have enough space to start canning its beers and make them available to purchase in grocery stores.

Pedal’s lunch menu offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and salads. It has a meatless green chili burger for the vegetarians and a buttermilk fried chicken entrée for the carnivores.

There are also several gluten-free items like the goat cheese Brussels sprouts or shishito peppers.

The Chandler location will introduce a new option to the beer listings; the Salted Nut Brown Ale, which Wright described as a salty and sweet mishmash of chocolaty flavors – “All very subtle and nicely balanced,” Wright said.

Pedal will be donating proceeds made from the Salted Nut Brown Ale to Chandler Comprades, a local nonprofit helping disadvantaged kids in the community. 

Customers can expect to hear lots of live music at the Chandler spot after it officially opens March 7, in addition to plenty of menu discounts every Sunday afternoon. More information can be found at