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Couple bringing Floridian dessert shop to Chandler

March 30th, 2020 development
Couple bringing Floridian dessert shop to Chandler

Executive Editor

Florida’s most popular frozen dessert shop is making its way to the Valley though the coronavirus crisis may be making it difficult to say when.
Abbie and John Mirata hope to open the nation’s first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice outside of its home state of Florida at Ocotillo and Alma School roads in Chandler late next month.
“Not only is the product incredible and the quality great, but the culture and involvement in the community makes Jeremiah’s Italian Ice a really special place,” said Abbie.
Jeremy Litwack started Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in 1996 in Winter Park, Florida, with the motto “Live Life to the Coolest.”
He encouraged customers to take the time to taste what life has to offer even when it means having to step outside your comfort zone.
Jeremiah’s most popular menu item is their gelati treats – flavored Italian ice layered with rich creamy ice cream. The flavors of the Italian ice range from sour fruity to smooth and indulgent.
“It is super popular in Florida and the type of thing where you drive around and everyone has a sticker or a magnet on their car of the logo,” said Abbie.
“Everyone in Florida always wants to go to Jeremiah’s after sporting events or when celebrating something, and we absolutely expect that to resonate within the Chandler community,” she added.
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has always been a favorite of the couple and they love to take their two children to enjoy a treat when visiting their home state.
“I was born and raised in Orlando, and I moved to Phoenix about 6 years ago. I grew up with this brand, so when we found out that Jeremiah’s wanted to franchise and expand locations across the country, we wanted to bring it to Chandler,” Abbie said.
With an extensive background in business operations, Abbie will oversee the marketing, hiring, training and customer service for Jeremiah’s.
Abbie is also a founder of Kyndly, a non-profit dedicated to mentoring and guiding individuals to live a more joyful life through yoga, meditation, and community events.
As an entrepreneur, mentor and business owner, she said she has always had a passion in making a positive impact on her community.
Abbie said she and her husband have started recruiting and are looking to hire 15 to 20 new employees for their shop come April.
“Our goal is to have a family of four come to hang out and all enjoy a treat for less than $20,” said Abbie.
Abbie said she and her husband have started looking at other sites for a second Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location, but their main focus is to get the Chandler store up and running successfully first.
But she said there was another family that plans to open three more locations in Arizona, and within 12 to 24 months there will be additional Jeremiah’s Italian Ice locations popping up.
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is currently only in Florida with over 20 locations.
“We expect the same enthusiasm there is for Jeremiah’s in Florida to carry over to Chandler, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to our community,” said Abbie.
For the full menu and more information about buying a franchise check out: