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Chandler kids help clothier launch plans for mega-prom

April 27th, 2020 development
Chandler kids help clothier launch plans for mega-prom

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Nearly a dozen Chandler and other East Valley students have are helping a local clothier give new hope to high school juniors and seniors that they may get a prom after all.

Josh Fink, whose native North Dakota family owns Nick’s Menswear, has partnered with an event company on planning “Promchella,” a two-day festival featuring live music, DJs, food from local vendors and even fireworks to climax each night.

An integral part of his effort comprises students, particularly from Chandler.

Playing on the name of one of the world’s biggest music festivals – the annual Indio, California, event called Coachella – the event has caught on like wildfire on social media, with more than 2,500 students already following developments on Instagram.

Seniors across Arizona lost out on proms after schools were shut down and Fink said his family-owned business came up with the idea “so juniors and seniors from all over the state can have a chance to make memories together.”

“When the concerns over large public gatherings end, and they will end, people are going to be ready to get out, see their friends and make memories – something Promchella stands for,” said Josh Fink, owner of Nick’s Menswear.

He said “the response has been overwhelmingly positive” to his announcement.

“Students feel like they’ve had their year ripped away from them and Promchella provides them some hope and something to look forward to,” Fink told the SanTan Sun News.

Fink hasn’t announced a location for the event, but has set a $70 ticket price and a $20 tab for a food truck voucher for the event.

And, it won’t be a version of Woodstock where teens will be showing up in cutoffs and tanktops.

“This is absolutely a prom,” he told the the SanTan Sun News. “Dresses and suits or tuxedos/formal dress code are required.”

Fink also said Promchella is the name of a nonprofit that will turn all proceeds from the event over to “to local students and families affected by COVID-19.”

That’s in keeping with the store’s tradition of working with local student councils. Nick’s Menswear has donated over $250,000 over the past five years and holds a place in the Arizona Association of Student Council Hall of Fame.

Promchella is lining up local and national bands, DJs at a pre-party and “hundreds of door prizes and giveaways throughout the night,” according to a release.

“Promchella is the summer camp, house party and music festival for any high school junior or senior,” it added.

To help publicize the event, put together a video produced by Chandler High film student Trevor Vega.

“These are students across the state who have seen their year come to an end, and these students want to make a change,” said Chandler High senior class President Austin Morrow. “We have a vast variety of kids from all demographics who want to help put on Promchella, from athletes to theater kids to student council members.”

“Prom is a quintessential high school experience and many students saw that slip away this year,” he added. “In an effort to provide students with an amazing, one-of-a-kind event this is an exciting launch and an entirely new approach to what prom is.”

The students who appear in the video include: Christian Nunez and Brookelun Gomez from Mountain Pointe High, Kareem Parks of Campo Verde High, Brintley Spencer of Perry High, Hamilton High students Mackenzie Schmader and Airion Medina, Chandler High students Mia Nelson and Sasha Gesner, Liam Combs and Ahlias Jones of Arizona Collge Prep – Erie ACP, Jillian Lopker of Desert Vista, Mario Weiler of Mountain View and Hannah Hudson of Casteel High.

Organizers have partnered with local businesses and even sports teams to plan the event despite the uncertainty of what summer might look like if social distancing regulations continue.

“We are very cognizant of the situation and are following updates from the CDC and government and Promchella will only happen if deemed safe,” Fink said.  “We will take whatever measures or precautions necessary to make sure this is approved and safe for all to attend.

“In these times of uncertainty, the wellness of guests, staff and partners is the top priority of Promchella organizers.”

Students can keep up to date on developments in plans at They can also search #PromchellaAZ2020 across social media platforms for the latest details.

And students can also join the planning, Fink said, explaining:

“We created a Promchella Prom Committee made up of high school students across Arizona and these students wrote the script for the video and produced the video and are an integral part of the planning process. If any students would like to be part of the committee please message us @promchellaaz on instagram.”

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