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Chandler leader coach authors inspirational book

May 4th, 2020 development
Chandler leader coach authors inspirational book

By Lacey Lyons
Staff Writer

As a highly successful leadership coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Chandler resident Lisa Pérez can now add author to her list of successes.

“My book is about how to ease your heart, be resilient and think of situations in the best way possible,” said Pérez, author of “Beautiful is… A Reflective  Guide to Ease Your Heart During Life’s Challenging Moments.”

Pérez’s book follows her journey through the challenges of losing her mother to cancer and shines light on all the beautiful moments that came from her experience.

“My mother was beautiful. An Elizabeth Taylor kind of beauty. This horrible disease was really taking the physical beauty away from her throughout the 37 days she was in the hospital, but my mother was handling radiation so well that it was truly so beautiful to watch,” Pérez said.

“I journaled throughout the process, and I really think it helped me to cope with what was happening,” she added.

As an Arizona native, Pérez grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, earning her master’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University in 1995.

Pérez also founded a leadership development coaching program called Vital Transformations, over 10 years ago. Pérez offers workshops, online courses and individual coaching to those seeking a mentor.

During these times of social distancing and the global pandemic, Pérez said she is coaching many of her clients on how to handle the stress of change and be mindful with their health during quarantine.

“My favorite thing about coaching is helping individuals develop a strategy to empower themselves to be able to reach their goals,” said Pérez.

“I use well-being as a platform whether that is at work or at home, so if it is how to get along better with your boss, how to communicate more effectively, how to manage workload stress and then I also coach well-being  on a personal level as well on how to have better relationships at home and how to have healthy habits,” she added.

Pérez said the hummingbird on the cover of her book is also symbolic of her mother’s passing. She said during her funeral, a hummingbird flew right over her mother’s casket.

“A hummingbird is really about joy, and even though they are the smallest of birds, they overcome and manage but in a beautiful graceful way,” said Pérez.

Pérez said Mother’s Day will always be a special holiday for her because it gives her the chance to really reflect on the selfless, strong character her mother demonstrated throughout her whole life.

“I am grateful that my mother had such grace and compassion towards others, and I really think that that is what we celebrate every Mother’s Day,” Pérez said.

In her free time when not coaching or writing, Pérez says she loves to ride her bike, walk her dog and catch up on her leisure reading.

“You must see the glass half full instead of empty in the most dire times,” said Pérez.

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