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Ex-Chandler mom at center of trail of deaths

July 13th, 2020 development
Ex-Chandler mom at  center of trail of deaths

By Kevin Reagan, Staff Writer

Lori Vallow’s former husband warned Gilbert Police that his wife had “lost her mind” a few months before he and his children wound up dead.
Vallow, a one-time Chandler resident, has spent the last couple months in an Idaho jail awaiting trial for criminal charges related to the abandonment of her two children: 17-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old Joshua Vallow.
The children were reported missing in 2019 and their bodies were discovered last month in a pet cemetery on land in Idaho located near the residence of Vallow’s newest husband, Chad Daybell.
Idaho authorities have filed charges against Daybell and Vallow in relation to the corpses’ discovery but neither has been charged with their deaths. They are both in custody.
Vallow’s convoluted case has attracted international media attention and sparked several theories that paint the former Chandler mom as a devoted member of a secretive, doomsday religious cult.
New videos and reports released this month by the Gilbert Police Department help to support these theories by providing some first-hand testimony from Vallow’s now-deceased husband.
Charles Vallow, who had been married to Lori up until his death last summer, contacted Gilbert Police on Jan. 30, 2019, claiming his estranged wife was acting “nonsensical” and had disappeared with their two children.
“I don’t know what she’s going to do with them,” Vallow told a Gilbert officer.
After returning home from a business trip in Texas, Vallow discovered his truck had been taken from the airport’s parking lot and suspected his wife of taking it.
Vallow told Gilbert Police his wife had locked him out of their home and withdrew $35,000 from the couple’s bank account.
“I’ve got $7 to my name,” the husband claimed.
A Gilbert officer kicked down the door’s home and found the family’s residence empty. Vallow worried his wife might have done something to their children, claiming she had been “brainwashed” by religious fanatics in Utah.
“She’s lost her mind,” Vallow told the officers. “She thinks she’s a resurrected being. Her religious stuff has gone way off the deep end.”
Vallow claimed his wife believed he was some sort of imposter pretending to be Lori’s husband – referring to Charles by the name “Nick Schneider” – and threatened to use her “powers” to harm him.
“She said, ‘I will have you destroyed,’” Vallow recalled.
This 2019 incident with Gilbert Police took place six months before Charles Vallow was killed by his wife’s brother, Alex Cox, during a domestic dispute at the family’s other home in Chandler.
Cox told Chandler Police his brother-in-law had threatened to harm the family with a baseball bat before Cox shot Vallow with his gun.
Cox last December died suddenly from what the Maricopa County Medical Examiner has determined were natural causes and was never criminally charged with killing Vallow. Lori uprooted her children from their Chandler home and relocated to Idaho shortly after her husband’s death.
When Charles Vallow contacted Gilbert Police before his death, officers seemed reluctant to intervene in the affairs of his marriage.
They told him his situation presented a “grey area” since there was not enough evidence to suggest Vallow’s wife had broken the law.
“There was no information obtained that Lori had committed a crime,” a Gilbert officer wrote in a report. “There was no information obtained that Charles and Lori`s children were in danger.”
Despite a lack of assistance from law enforcement, Vallow was encouraged by officers to obtain a petition to have Lori involuntarily committed at a mental health facility. The husband later got Community Bridges to authorize a petition and attempted to serve it.
“She needs some serious help,” he told officers, “I want her to get help.”
Lori Vallow contacted Gilbert Police on her own and attempted to frame her husband as the person at fault for the whole ordeal – alleging Charles had stolen her purse and cell phone.
The wife told officers she allegedly uncovered evidence of Charles having a romantic affair and reacted by moving her children into a hotel. Charles tends to be dramatic about their marital problems, Lori alleged, and didn’t want her kids around him.
“He just goes nuts sometimes,” Lori told officers in January 2019.
Melanie Gibb, a long-time friend of Lori’s, backed up her claims and went to the Gilbert Police Department with Lori to file a report against Charles.
Gibb would later turn on Lori by serving as a valuable witness during the investigation into the whereabouts of her friend’s missing children.
According to court affidavits, Gibb told authorities Lori called her two children “zombies” when she visited the family at their Idaho home in September 2019, when Lori’s children were last seen alive.
A couple months later, Gibb alleged Lori asked her friend to lie to police by claiming Lori’s son was living with Gibb in Arizona. Gibb refused to take part in the ruse and reported the incident to Gilbert Police in December.
As of late June, no one has been criminally charged for the deaths of Vallow’s two children. The authorities in Idaho have recently ordered additional postmortem testing be done on the children’s remains.
Six months before his death, Charles Vallow expressed wishes to possibly reconcile with his wife of 12 years and anguished he couldn’t protect Lori from whatever outside influences were tainting her thinking.
“I love her to death,” Vallow told Gilbert Police. “This is killing me.”

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