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These difficult times can teach us valuable lessons

July 21st, 2020 development
These difficult times can teach us valuable lessons

By Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D.
Guest Writer

In a small village was a wise man who told his followers, “Something can be observed and learned from anything.  And we may learn not only from the things God made.  The creations of man can also serve as a teacher.”

“Then tell us, O man of wisdom,” said one of the townspeople, smiling, “What does a train teach us?”

“A train can teach us,” said the wise man, “that if a person is sometimes one second late, he can miss everything.”

“And, wise man,” asked another, “what possibly can a telegram teach us?”

“From a telegram,” said the wise man, “we learn that in life every word is counted, and we are charged for every word.”

Finally, another asked, “what in the slightest can a telephone teach us?”

“Ahh,” came the answer. “From the telephone we learn that everything we say here is heard there,” said the wise man, pointing to Heaven.

There is much we can learn from this tale.  Most notably is that everything we do or say teaches us about life. Life is one continuous lesson.

The most important lesson, to me, is that every moment presents an opportunity and, we have the ability to take each moment and make it count.

During these difficult times when we are forced into isolation, it can present us with a perfect opportunity, to consider what is important in our lives.

It certainly is easy to despair, to concentrate on the negative aspects of what this means.

However, it can also give us insight into what we are capable of in the face of adversity.

We do not need a wise man to teach us the meaning of Social Media, or Zoom, or FaceTime, or the telephone.

These advantages are there to teach us various ways to adapt to the nightmare we are experiencing, but I believe it will also enable us to find a cure so we can once more breathe the fresh air supplied to us by a benevolent God.

Just keep the faith!

Rabbi Irwin Weiner is spiritual leader of the Sun Lakes Jewish Community.