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Chandler couple offer relaxation on wheels

September 16th, 2020 development
Chandler couple offer relaxation on wheels


If one man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity, the pandemic has been a gold mine for Shannon Stevens and Penny Briney.

The Chandler couple last year launched an online furniture store,, and have seen an uptick in business as more people spend more time at home and prefer doing even furniture shopping on the internet instead of entering stores.

Now, Stevens has launched a second business that benefits from increased awareness to maintain social distance and the need to relieve the tension that the pandemic and its accompanying woes may be causing for people.

For people who hanker for a massage but don’t want to be touched, he’s invented ChairlaxedTM, a mobile service built around the highest end luxury Infinity massage chairs.

Stevens bought a trailer, decorated it, equipped it with four of Infinity’s highest-end massage chairs and a 50-inch Smart TV that broadcasts soothing nature sounds and travels to parties or corporate gatherings.

Forget those coin-operate massage chairs in malls. “These are totally different,” Stevens said.

“These four chairs give you a full body massage in less than half the time because every part of your body is being touched,” he explained. “Plus, built-in airbags provide a soothing feeling as well.”

“Many people don’t like to be touched,” he added. “Two of my chairs also provide a glute massage. There’s no awkward conversation like you may have with a human masseuse. Plus, you get a full body massage in less than half the time as it’s like having 10 hands on you at any given time.”

Stevens is targeting both workplaces and homes.

“The service is ideal for workplace wellness in that the chairs are provided for between one and six hours outside of a workplace in a climate-controlled coach that pulls up to the office,” he said.

“Big companies have their own gyms,” he said. “So, employees can go there and avail themselves of those facilities. However, small and mid-sized companies typically don’t offer that. ChairlaxedTM is an added perk for those businesses to promote employee wellness and demonstrate appreciation for their staff.”

He also makes ChairlaxedTM available for weekend social events, such as ladies’ luncheons, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and even block parties.

People are free to BYOB at their own private residence. Food is also OK. He also offers Pandora or people can bring out a portable speaker and play whatever music they wish.

Stevens got the idea after buying one of the chairs for him and his wife, who coaches principals in Mesa Public Schools.

“I used to visit my chiropractor every month, but since I started getting massages in ChairlaxedTM, the pain has completely gone away,” he said.

Then he decided to sell Infinity chairs through his Furniture Freak business. “I carry the full lineup of Infinity. Many are much lower priced with less features,” he said, noting the ones he uses in his mobile business are top of the line, retailing for $7,000.

People also can buy the two highest-end models that he uses in his mobile business. One retails for $179 a month for 24 months and the other goes for $263 a month for two years.

It was during a “deep sleep” that Stevens got the idea for the mobile service.

“My friends and I did the customization of the trailer ourselves,” he said. “The plan going forward is to offer licensing agreements nationwide.”

Even though the mobile service is less than three months old, he’s already seen a big demand.

“It’s been a big hit. Some comments I hear are ‘It’s like a game truck for adults;’ ‘This is way better than the massage chairs at the mall;’ and ‘When people start going back to work more, I’m going to have you out for an employee-appreciation day.’”

Clients who want the mobile service can make all the arrangements online at

Stevens said he arrives 15 to 30 minutes ahead of time to cool down the interior of the trailer.

“Customers come out, get in the chairs and I do a quick tutorial about picking the correct massage for their needs and how much pressure to apply,” he said. Then he turns on the soothing TV program and lets the chairs do the rest.

The service starts at $195 an hour – good for four hour-long massages, eight 30-minute sessions or 16 15-minute sessions.

Through Sept. 30, his grand opening prices are two hours for $295, three for $395 and six hours for $595. He also is offering a $45 coupon on the website for a first booking.

Information: or 480-329-4131.