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Chandler officer-brothers get holiday surprise

December 31st, 2020 SanTan Sun News
Chandler officer-brothers get holiday surprise

By Kevin Reagan
Staff Writer

Two Chandler police officers who also are brothers received a special gift this holiday season after enduring a series of health challenges this year.
Officer Mark Jordan, who retired last year from the Chandler force for medical reasons, received a $2,250 check from the 100 Club of Arizona, a nonprofit that offers financial assistance to law enforcement officers.
It was overwhelming to be singled out in this way, the officer said as he stood outside his Gilbert home holding the oversized check alongside his friends and family.
“I’m filled with happiness and thankfulness for such an amazing law enforcement family,” Jordan said.
Jordan’s brother, Kyle, also a Chandler officer, also received $2,250 to help cover some of the expenses he accumulated after four surgeries this year.
Kyle Jordan experienced several complications after his gallbladder was removed and will likely need additional surgeries before he can return to working for Chandler Police.
Mark said his brother has lost 60 pounds and is going through rehabilitation to get his muscle strength back. Kyle’s wife, Melissa, has not been able to work while caring for him these last few months.
The two brothers have been with Chandler Police for years and volunteered for the department as high school students. They said they were thrilled to see many of their old coworkers to witness the gift presentation by the 100 Club.
A couple Chandler officers escorted a Santa Claus-dressed volunteer to Jordan’s home to ensure their gifts were delivered without interruption.
Mark first joined the agency in 2005 and quickly earned some praise for his heroism and quick thinking.
During the first year on the job, Mark saved two lives in the same afternoon by performing CPR on two unconscious adults.
Mark said he doesn’t miss the grueling work of policing, but he still yearns for the camaraderie of his fellow officers.
“I miss the people I worked with,” he added. “I had a ton of friends and so many good people I worked with.”
The 100 Club’s gift will be greatly appreciated by Jordan’s family, which includes five children, especially during a year that’s had so many ups and downs.
“It relieves some of the pressure over the holidays with all the health issues that have been happening,” Jordan added.
Jordan’s wife, Jennifer, has recently had a cancerous tumor removed and is waiting to have another surgically taken out. The couple met through Chandler Police since Jennifer works as a crime scene technician and teaches forensic classes at Mesa Community College.
The fact that three employees from the same agency have had to contend with medical issues this past year made the Jordan family particularly of interest to the 100 Club.
Angela Harrolle, the nonprofit’s president, said the organization doesn’t typically help multiple family members at the same time for varying problems.
“This particular situation is very unique,” she said. “I thought, ‘We have got to do something for this entire family.’”
VIP Mortgage teamed up with the 100 Club to adopt the Jordan family and offer them financial relief.
The 100 Club has traditionally helped officers injured while on duty since it was founded in the 1960s. But the nonprofit has adapted to help officers who have encountered unprecedented challenges during the pandemic.
The organization has spent the last nine months making sure Arizona’s law enforcement agencies are fully equipped with an ample supply of masks and gloves, Harrolle said.
“It’s really a blessing for us to be able to kind of change the way we’re doing things and provide additional benefits this year in ways that we don’t normally,” she added.