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Chandler author’s book rooted in her faith

January 9th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
Chandler author’s book rooted in her faith

By srianthi perera

Deep spirituality led Wei Wei Chang to shake off a successful corporate career and create a life-coaching service in 2018 to gather people toward God.
Now, the Chandler woman has published “The Lens of Life: A Fresh Perspective on Increasing Intimacy with God, Enhancing Relationships, and Discovering Contentment,” a book that complements her business and furthers her goals.
Chang embraced Christianity a week after she arrived in this country.
“In the Christian faith, God is a Father to us and we are His children,” she said. “When we are deeply connected with God, we are at our best in fulfilling the purpose that we are created for.”
Chang emigrated from China to the U.S. 29 years ago as a young student and studied for a master’s degree in statistics and then earned a Ph.D. in applied economics. However, for many years she struggled to find her voice and purpose.
Chang progressed to work in a Fortune 500 company and had a successful career for 12 years. After a decade at the company, she experienced an unexpected demotion from vice president to director of risk management.
“This event helped me to put life into a better perspective and focus on the things that truly matter,” she said. “I decided to be a stay-at-home mom to take care of my child and support my husband’s career.”
Chang’s husband Steve, who hails from Taiwan and was raised in Brazil, is a linguist fluent in six languages; he works in a company as a business leader for Asia and travels there frequently.
They have two daughters, Clarissa, 19, a junior majoring in biochemistry at Arizona State University, and Noelle, 9, a fourth grader at Valley Christian School in Chandler.
In “The Lens of Life,” Chang uses the analogy of an eye exam to describe a spiritual vision checkup in four sections.
“When we visit the optometrist, we first recognize we have a vision problem and we go through the diagnosis, then the correction. Finally, with the correction, we can have 20-20 vision,” she said.
In part one, “Vision Impairment,” through God’s lens, we see love faith, and hope, she said, observing:
“Humankind acquired tainted lenses at the fall in the garden. The tainted lenses manifest as ‘hatred, fear, and hopelessness,’ which are the issues that we face today.”
“The Diagnosis” is part two and focuses on diagnosing vision impairment and identifying where these tainted lenses come from by examining the spiritual, personal and emotional symptoms.
Part three, “Vision Correction,” lays out seven keys to shed our tainted lenses and to allow the light of God to come into our sight fully.
The last section, “Through the Lens of Love,” describes the benefits of seeing through the lens of love, which includes miracles, generational blessings, discovering significance in Christ, deepened intimacy with God and walking with God in life.
Chang wrote the book as a result of engaging in prayer, especially when she volunteered at Two Rivers Church in Gilbert.
She prayed for people in physical healing, as well as inner spiritual and emotional healing.
“The biggest reward is seeing people’s lives transformed. I have seen many people experience freedom from past traumas through prayer ministry. A big part of the book draws from my experience in praying for hundreds of people in Arizona and Hong Kong from 2014 to 2017,” she said.
“I have been learning and practicing hearing God’s voice since 2009.”
The book captures different ways of hearing God for self and others, Chang said.
“Through hearing God’s voice, I can effectively identify and remove tainted lenses that block me from seeing God as who He is, see myself as God sees me, and see others as God sees them.”
With her spiritual clarity, Chang is able to coach others to see through the lens of love, which directly complements her book.
That’s exactly what she does at Imagine Life.
“It is for people who want some help in identifying their tainted lenses and moving closer to the lens of love,” she said.
Her coaching program is for people who desire to grow in the area of identity, purpose and pathways to transform work-life by partnering with God for peace, significance and fulfillment.
Chang plans to translate her book to Chinese and also to write more books.
But just now, she’s focused on also enjoying living in Chandler, which she calls “a melting pot of cultures” and deems to be family-friendly.
Her family enjoys dining in its many Chinese, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Korean and Indian restaurants.
“I love Chandler,” she said.
She’s also more satisfied in her new life away from the corporate world, where she identified significance through achievements, position and status.
“My contentment comes from seeing God as who He really is and see myself as God sees me. This is one of the key messages in the Lens of Love,” she said.
“The Lens of Love: A Fresh Perspective on Increasing Intimacy with God, Enhancing Relationships, and Discovering Contentment” is available at $16 paperback and $9.99 e-book. Details on Imagine Life at