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New park planned for south Chandler

February 11th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
New park planned for south Chandler


The City of Chandler has authorized spending $3.5 million to build a new recreational park for the residents surrounding the Lantana Ranch subdivision.

City Council awarded a construction contract to Nickle Contracting to develop the southeast corner of McQueen and Queen Creek roads into a public park.

The new facility will include open space turf areas, lighted multi-use courts, shaded playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, lighted walkways and other park amenities.

The first phase of construction, consisting of an 8-acre sliver of the large empty parcel, is expected to last no longer than a year and is being funded through the city’s impact fees.

The park will be within walking distance of the Lantana Ranch neighborhood, a sprawling subdivision located south of Appleby Road.

Lantana Ranch residents have been waiting several years for the city to initiate the project and the subdivision’s homeowners association has been hosting public meetings on the project’s progress over the last year. 

Because of the park’s close proximity to the Chandler Municipal Airport, the city is designing the playground with aviation-themed equipment, decorations and aesthetics.

The city purchased 70 acres of land south of the airport in 2003 and already has plans for developing the parcel beyond the eight acres currently being built out.

Funding for phase two of the park’s development – estimated to cost about $3 million – could potentially come from the bond initiative that Chandler officials are currently considering.

Public records show the Lantana Ranch Park is one of several facilities in Chandler that may be expanded or renovated if the city choses to hold a bond election sometime in the next year and ask voters to authorize up to $426 million in new bond funding – an amount city officials claim is not high enough to raise property taxes.   

A citizen-led committee is reviewing various capital projects Chandler may fund with new bond funding and the Lantana Park project has recently been assessed as being one of the city’s “long-term needs” that could be delayed by a few years.

Mesquite Grove, Folley, Mountain View, and A.J. Chandler parks could also undergo major renovations with the approval of new bond spending.

Lantana Park is being constructed at a time when some surrounding parcels are simultaneously getting developed for retail or industrial use.

The northwest corner of McQueen and Queen Creek roads has been selected by Core 5 Schrader Farm as the site for a new commercial center.    

“The business park will be known as ‘Schrader Farms Business Park’ and will include light-industrial, office, showroom, and commercial land uses,” public records state.

Core 5 plans to build seven commercial buildings on up to 70 acres of vacant land. The city is hosting a virtual meeting on Feb. 18 for residents to learn more about the project.

The Lantana Ranch Park will additionally be adjacent to the Chandler Airport Commerce Park project under development along McQueen Road.

Ryan Companies is planning to build an 80-acre industrial center that will house several warehouses and offices next to Lantana Park.

Several residents in south Chandler opposed the Commerce Park when it was first brought before City Council in 2018 and attempted to stop the project by circulating an online petition.

Council initially rejected the project by Ryan Companies because of concerns about congestion and noise. But the company later returned for another review, at which time the council greenlighted the development.