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EV sleep expert offers ways to more zzz’s

March 12th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
EV sleep expert offers ways to more zzz’s


Pandemic-fueled stress is hurting many people’s sleep and in turn weakening their immune systems and overall health.

Fatigue and chronic insomnia are complaints that Joey Holt, Amerisleep chief operating officer and sleep expert, has become all too familiar with.

He and his staff at their San Tan Village store have come to recognize “Coronasomnia” and relied on research to lead them in their efforts to help costumers get more and better z’s.

“We actually noticed signs of Coronasomnia before COVID-19 hit the states because many guests who’d come into the showroom were already changing and canceling their travel plans.” Holt recalled. “Many had also expressed concerns about friends and family overseas.

“While the term hadn’t been out yet, it was clear that many customers were already worried about the looming pandemic and that it had begun to affect their quality of life and sleep.”

Disrupted routines, social isolation, job loss, ongoing uncertainty and questions about vaccines are causing a surge in what sleep experts now call Coronasomnia, according to the American Medical Association.

A recent sleep study by University of Arizona researchers found more than half of 1,000 participants reported experiencing insomnia during the pandemic.

If Coronasomnia is ignored, it could lead to profound health issues including elevated risks for high blood pressure, depression and overwhelming anxiety, they warned.

When the pandemic started, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications increased 34.1 percent, sleep meds increased 14.8 percent and antidepressants increased 18.6 percent, according to Express Scripts.

The developers of Ginger, an app that provides video and chat-based mental health services, reported its psychiatrists wrote almost 90 percent more prescriptions for psychotropic drugs last March and April than in the previous two months last year.

“Fast forward eight months and at least 75 percent of our customers come in expressing concerns,” Holt said. “Many of them just can’t stop worrying and in most cases, those worrisome thoughts turn into nonstop chatter inside their heads when they try to go to sleep at night.”

There are several things Holt recommends doing on a daily basis that will allow people to slowly flip their sleepless routines into a good night’s rest.

They include waking up when there is bright light as early as possible. This includes exposing yourself to artificial or natural light within the first one or two hours after waking.

Staying off of social media while lying in bed is a guilty pleasure that can contribute to a sleepless night, Holt said, adding people should get out of bed and read a book because it will work wonders to calm a cluttered mind.

“We rarely note our sleep positions because we’re not really thinking about it when we fall asleep or wake up, but try and remember,” he said. “Knowing your favorite sleep position and choosing a mattress that best supports it will definitely help you fall asleep.”

“Also, if you have a partner who moves around or is up and down at night, choose a mattress that isolates motion, produces little to no noise and provides a sleep surface that improves sleep quality for both sleepers.”

Switching to decaffeinated drinks, especially after 2 p.m., and keeping your bedroom as your bedroom are also crucial.

“Try not to turn a bedroom into an office, even though you might be working from home, as it helps disconnect the mind from stress at night,” Holt said.

Amerisleep’s SanTan Village store not only offers hypoallergenic mattresses and bedding but general sleep health coaching in its sanitized showroom.

Options such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses as well as pillows, sheets, blankets and adjustable beds make a visit the perfect way to recreate a comfortable sleep space in one stop, Holt said, adding:

“One of our trained sleep coaches will individually assess each guest’s needs to ensure they not only leave the showroom feeling educated about sleep options, but comforted that a good night’s rest is possible in these trying times.”

Information: https://amerisleep.com/retail/gilbert-santan-village.