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God’s hand continues to lead us through pandemic

March 25th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
God’s hand continues to lead us through pandemic

Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D.

It hardly seems possible that it has been a year since the nightmare of a tragic pandemic has reared its ugly head.

Many have lost loved ones and many more are witnessing friends and family suffering through the effects of this dreaded disease. The stories are endless and now we have passed a milestone unthinkable and truly daunting.

How could this be happening? Why is this still happening?

Over the years I have seen the goings and comings of so many, the joys and disappointment, the frustrations and rewards. And now they will become memories – some pleasant and some not. All of us have shared many a laugh and for sure, shed many tears.

Through it all we have endured, and we will continue to endure because we are resilient and filled with the belief that life is livable and beautiful and rewarding.

Yes, we all share a great deal. Some have witnessed tragedies and some occasions of joy. In the past we joined together as a community and participated in all the milestones of life’s journey.

We are surely destined to share so much more. We will overcome this destructive force through determination and the will to survive.

There is so much to be thankful for. For the most past, we have life and health. Sure, we all have ailments and we certainly don’t hesitate to share the episodes of pain.

But there are the friendships that remained strong and new ones that were developed. They are cherished friendships because they represent the very best in us.

The men and women who extend themselves on a daily basis blend together to minster to our needs. All of us witness daily the doctors, nurses, aids, volunteers who join together to assist in lifting the burden of the disease that has ravished our lives.

As I watch the people on the front lines offering help and comfort as they endeavor to lift the burdens of fear and despair, I am amazed at their smiles and watchful eyes as they guide us through the maze of receiving the much-needed injection of salvation. They are truly the unsung heroes sent to us in our time of need.

And let us not forget God who endows us with ability to appreciate all that we have as a community. Names of people who contribute to our effectiveness may never be known. They represent all the goodness that we are capable of. So, yes there are so many to thank as we mark a solemn year that has shown us the value of collective acceptance.

Each time I see gratefulness I am helped to really understand the value and purpose for which we were created. My prayer, as the pandemic continues, and we turn a new page in our chapter of togetherness is that it will continue to be one of comfort and success.

Let us all pray that we will see the end of the tragedies and that we will grow even closer as we continue our spiritual pilgrimage.

I extend my prayer to the men and women who serve our country here at home at on distant shores. May they all return home in peace and well-being. And may they find the light of freedom burning even brighter than when they left because of their dedication and service.

I offer the wish that all communities will continue to prosper and be united in friendship.  I send all these prayers to you as we journey to destinations of comfort.

Enjoy the warmth of the comfort we offer during the cold stark winter. There is so much agony and pain in the world. Hate has replaced civility. Accusations have surfaced that give us pause as we reflect on our behavior as a people and as a nation.

Let the legacy we leave enable those who follow to be able to say «this they built for us.”  Let us pray that we will be able, once more, to join with friends, family and neighbors to fulfill that commitment so that our future will be secure.

Stay warm and stay healthy. We are here, will always be here, because God’s hand continues to lead us in the path of faith as determined by our ancestors. We will overcome, of this I am sure.

Rabbi Irwin Wiener is spiritual leader of the Sun Lakes Jewish Community.