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Laser maker opens Chandler facility

March 25th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
Laser maker opens  Chandler facility


A new company that makes laser machines used to engrave hard surfaces has opened its doors in Chandler.

Laser Marking Technologies, which has facilities in Michigan and Florida, opened in the Eastpoint Business Park at 165 E, Chilton Drive to be closer to markets in the Southwest.

Noting that the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors are migrating to this part of the country, Rick Weisbarth, Laser Marking Technology’s president of sales and industrial development, said his company “wants to continue our partnership with these companies and emerging technologies.”

LMT already has a myriad of clients, including Orange County Choppers, a California motorcycle manufacturer, and the paint company Pratt & Miller.

The Chandler facility will support electric vehicle applications that require battery welding, battery ablation, and ablation processes. Solar applications that require welding, edge deletion, and conductive layer ablation can also find support at this location.

“We feel that a local presence is required to help advance these emerging technologies to the next level,” Weisbarth said, adding that his company is “the first major fiber laser company to enter this region and we’re proud to be first on the ground.”

The Chandler location includes an applications laboratory to help customers select the proper laser marking, laser ablating, laser welding and a new 3D laser.

“With the matrix of technologies they have designed and built, they can always find a way to help their customers find the right machine at the right price,” Weisbarth said of LMT’s customers.

A spokesman also said LMT might expand the Chandler facility.

President/CEO Sam Palmeter said, “As an American owned and operated company, it is paramount that we are there to assist our North American manufacturers to not only elevate their processes, but also to make them as efficient and profitable as possible so they can compete on a global level.”

LMT also is partnering with Arizona State University and SunFlex Solar to develop what a spokesman called “the next wave of solar manufacturing initiatives.”

SunFlex Solar was founded by ASU Research Assistant Technologist Kate Fisher, Associate Professor Zachary Holman, Assistant Research Professor Zhengshan “Jason” Yu, and Doctoral Student Barry Hartweg.

Fisher wants to increase the efficiency of solar panels so their size can be reduced.

“And when she does, LMT will be prepared to move the resulting product into the market,” the spokesman said.