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Mobile app offers storage for medical data

April 12th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
Mobile app offers storage for medical data

By Kristine Cannon
Staff Writer

A Scottsdale company has created a timely app that can verify the user has had a COVID-19 vaccination.

Created by BuddyCheque, the ConfirmD app replaces the need to carry around important medical documents.

ConfirmD provides portable, HIPAA-compliant health data and gives users a secure platform to record, verify and voluntarily share medical histories, including Covid-19 vaccinations, antibody status and test results.

Users can transfer the data to a QR code that they can securely share with employers, public venues and stores and other third parties.

So far, ConfirmD has been tested and used by Silverado Golf Club of Scottsdale, medical service providers and select facilities at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, among various other enterprises in the state.

“ConfirmD enables us to ensure that our business services continue running safely and smoothly,” said Gina Inorio, Starwest Technologies chief of staff and business affairs vice president.

“During COVID-19, our priority has been keeping our clients, customers and team safe, and ConfirmD’s accessible and verified test results do just that,” Inorio added.

Silverado Golf Club partnered with BuddyCheque to bolster its health security by providing its nearly 50 employees a way to verify and share COVID-19 test results.

“Since we have more variables to manage in order to continue providing a safe entertainment experience for our guests, ConfirmD is a critical tool in ensuring the health status of our associates,” said Silverado Director Bill Corn.

“It allows us to put our guests at ease before they step through the door,” Corn added.

BuddyCheque Founder Bob Ramsey started working on this project last year with the help of doctors and data scientists.

Known as the “father of the modern ambulance service,” Ramsey founded Southwest Ambulance and spent nearly 50 years in improving healthcare access.

He said ConfirmD is a much-needed digital tool.

“I believe it is essential for showing, confirming and returning to normality that we will need a secure way to communicate our personal status,” Ramsey said.

“After months in this COVID pandemic and our needed protection mitigation systems, vaccinations and testing will become more effective for others with a healthcare passport on mobile phones.”

To minimize the risk of fraud, all uploaded records are authenticated by medical professionals before they can be shared.

ConfirmD was also developed in conjunction with the International Public Safety Data Institute, a leader in data science and analytics for public safety.

“The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation and its funding is proud to have supported a vital link to return in healthcare security,” Ramsey said.

The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation is a charitable organization that sponsors healthcare projects benefitting underserved communities.

Along with Ramsey, BuddyCheque is led by experienced healthcare veterans, Dr. Ramsey Kilani and co-founders Karl Wagner and Alex Chatel.

The team recognized the need for a test results and vaccination status-sharing platform, especially as millions of Americans get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Thus, ConfirmD, which was advised by a board consisting of 11 physicians representing over a dozen specialties, was created in Scottsdale — and launched in March of last year.

ConfirmD is free to download and available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Once downloaded, and following the initial promotional period, users must pay a nominal yearly subscription fee of $0.99.