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Peak Health Group develops painless ED treatment

April 12th, 2021 SanTan Sun News
Peak Health Group develops painless ED treatment


Peak Health Group has pioneered an acoustic wave protocol to address erectile dysfunction.

This new approach to this significant health issue is “turning the ED world upside down,” a spokeswoman said.

Using virtually painless acoustic energy waves, the protocol is done in six short in-office sessions.

Peak Health says some patients will start to see results after the first few treatments and that those results are long lasting with no side effects reported during, immediately following or post-treatment.

“The secret to its success is in the waves, which are believed to have the ability to ‘wake-up’ dormant stem cells in the penis and draw them to the erectile tissue, leading to improved erectile function and enhanced tissue growth,” the spokeswoman said.

Originally developed to speed the healing process for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, its ability to open existing blood vessels and promote tissue growth has been tested and found to be ideal for ED treatment.

“This treatment will allow you to be romantic, naturally, and bring the spontaneity back to you love life,” the spokeswoman said, stressing, “At Peak Health, you’re not just a number, but an actual person with a serious issue which we take very seriously.”

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