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30 new Chandler grads named Merit Scholars

June 6th, 2021 development
30 new Chandler grads named Merit Scholars


The National Merit Scholarship Foundation last week announced that 30 newly graduated high school seniors in Chandler were among the 3,100 winners of scholarships financed by U.S. colleges and universities.

An additional group of scholars will be announced in July, bringing the total number of college-sponsored Merit Scholarship recipients in the 2021 competition to about 4,000.

Winners, the school they graduated from, and where and what they intend to study are:

Jayashree Adivarahan, Hamilton High, electrical engineering at Arizona State University;

Sabah Ashfeen, Hamilton, computer science at ASU;

Shibi R. Ayyanar, BASIS Chandler, computer science at ASU;

Ella O. Barnum, Perry High, neurosurgery at Texas A&M University;

Michael S. Chen, Hamilton, engineering at Vanderbilt University;

Rachel L. Cox, Hamilton, law at ASU;

Dylan E. Crespo, Hamilton, aerospace engineering at ASU;

Nikhil R. Dave, Arizona College Preparatory- Erie, computer engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University;

Owin A. Dieterle, BASIS Chandler, information technology, at ASU;

Sara El Imrani, BASIS Chandler, pre-med at ASU:

Rylee R. Engelken, Perry High, pre-med at ASU;

Katarina V. Fenner, Chandler High, education at ASU;

Amanda J. Gong, Hamilton, biology at ASU;

Rishabh V. Guttal, Hamilton, biology at ASU;

Kylie I. Hartana, BASIS Chandler, pre-med at ASU;

Suhan Kacholia, BASIS Chandler, economics at Georgia University;

Shankar M. Kailas, BASIS Chandler, computer science at ASU;

Davis Lu, McClintock High, chemical engineering at Texas &AM;

Adrian J. Palumbo, BASIS Chandler, academia at Case Western Reserve University;

Shravan Pejavar, Hamilton, economics at Southern California University;

Aishwarya S. Potturu, Hamilton, pediatrics at ASU;

Niharika Sharma, Hamilton, healthcare at ASU;

Jasmeen K. Sidhu, BASIS Chandler, pre-med at ASU;

Nicole K. Smith, Perry, environmental science at Michigan State University;

Jake S. Summers, Basha High, astrophysics at ASU;

Kaitlyn S. Tam, Hamilton, biology at ASU;

Eric P. Tran, Chandler Preparatory Academy, biomedicine at ASU;

Amy Wang, Hamilton, finance at ASU;


Angela J. Wang, Hamilton, marketing at ASU;


Ethan A. Xiong, Hamilton, biology at University of Texas at Dallas.


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