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Gone with the wind in state budget tussle

June 6th, 2021 development
Gone with the wind in state budget tussle

By Howard Fischer
Capitol Media Services

Here are the bills that Gov. Doug Ducey vetoed because he does not yet have a budget.

• SB 1022 – Renames references in law from “product of human conception” to “unborn child.”

• SB 1030 – Makes various changes to the practices and procedures of the Psychiatric Security Review Board which has jurisdiction of people found “guilty except insane.”

• SB 1074 – Bans requiring public employees to participate in “critical race theory” training.

• SB 1119 – Requires the attorney general to review the constitutionality of any executive orders by the president of the United States.

• SB 1121 – Imposes new requirements for security, packaging and labeling of marijuana.

• SB 1127 – Allows motorists to travel faster on some state highways without criminal charges.

 SB 1135 – Increases the deduction available on individual income taxes for putting money into 529 college savings programs.

• SB 1176 – Creates “produce incentive program” to encourage purchase of Arizona-grown crops by people using food stamps.

• SB 1215 – Exempts some liquor sales from certain labeling requirements.

• SB 1408 – Mandates research on correlation between marijuana use and mental illness.

• SB 1514 – Requires emergency shelter beds in western Maricopa County for homeless seniors who are at least 55.

• SB 1526 – Allows a prisoner to receive a certificate after successfully completing a training program to work in a field or trade and ensures female prisoners get feminine hygiene products without being charged.

• SB 1635 – Makes numerous technical corrections to laws already enacted.

• SB 1716 – Establishes the Joint Legislative Psychiatric Hospital Review Council and requires a surveillance system at the Arizona State Hospital.

• HB 2001 – Creates a retroactive income tax credit for part of the value of land donated for a site for a traditional public or charter school.

• HB 2070 – Provides for the release of original birth certificates that were sealed due to an adoption.

• HB 2296 – Suspends rather than revokes driving privileges after a second conviction of reckless driving, aggressive driving or racing.

• HB 2303 – Mandates proficiency testing of independent laboratories that test marijuana.

HB 2414 – Authorizes the health department to inspect any medical marijuana dispensary during normal business hours.

HB 2554 – Requires that those chosen by parties to represent them at polling places be registered to vote in Arizona.

HB 2674 – Permits some people who were convicted of sex offenses to eliminate the need for them to register.

• HB 2792 – Prohibits delivery of early ballots to anyone who has not specifically requested one.