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Sun Lakes author publishes new novel

August 5th, 2021 development
Sun Lakes author publishes new novel


Sun Lakes author Sandra Givens says she’s incorporated some contemporary issues into her latest novel, “Love at the Ranch.”

That book comes after last year’s publication of two novels that she published within eight months of each other – “Second Chances” and “Maui Christmas.”

“Love at the Ranch is a sequel to her 2018 novel, “Running Horse Ranch” and Givens devotes part of her book to exploring domestic violence and the possible extinction facing the world’s bee population.

Although Givens had noted last year that “readers keep asking me for more about the characters,” she hadn’t planned on writing a sequel but eventually decided to feed their curiosity about her characters.

“Love” follows the blossoming romance between characters Cassandra Markham and Jake “Running Horse” Kelly. When they first met, Cassandra was married to a tyrant. Following his death, the two re-connect but Givens poses this question to tantalize her readers: will Cassie’s troubled past prevent future happiness?

Givens received her B.A. in English from California State University at Sacramento and is a recipient of the prestigious International Association of Business Communicators Award of Excellence.

Her short story, “Life with Auntie,” was published in 2013. Givens is a member of Romance Writers of America.

She travels extensively but noted that the pandemic for a while put an end to that.

So she began writing more.

Now that she can travel again, Givens hasn’t put writing totally aside and is giving her next novel a lot of thought.

“ I’ve always got stories in my head and have been toying with the idea of what happens on a flight to Paris,” she said, adding that while she is “still noodling it around, after all, who doesn’t love Paris?”

Givens published “Second Chances,” late last fall. That novel looks at a young widow who decides it is time to move on with her life. To rediscover who she is without her husband, she sets out on an adventure alone, never knowing what obstacles await her.

The novel creates some romantic suspense as the reader begins to wonder if secrets from her past destroy her chance at future happiness.

Givens said she enjoys writing as “a good way for me to escape the ugliness of what has happened in this country. I can put the news aside and go off in a fantasy land.”

And her endings won’t disappoint readers.

“I guess I’m a hopeful romantic – always wanting a happy ending,” she said. “Who doesn’t love being in love? And being loved?”

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