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Chandler student jazzed by Yale program

August 7th, 2021 development
Chandler student jazzed by Yale program

By Ziqing Kuang
Guest Writer

Over the summer, I had the amazing honor of attending Yale Young Global Scholars’ Politics, Law, and Economics program, which included conversing with some of the most talented and well-known professors, famous political figures and students.

Of course, staying at home and sitting in front of the laptop three to four hours a day is not the ideal summer plan. However, I quickly changed my mind about it after just my first session.

Since I had chosen the Politics, Law, and Economics session, a lot of the activities that I did surrounded topics like cybersecurity, foreign affairs, and international trade.

These are quite strenuous subjects for young adults; however, all the students in my program were incredibly intelligent and talented. My fellow classmates were definitely my favorite part of the program. They had already pursued a lot of their own personal academic interests and constantly did things outside of their school life to cultivate and pursue them.

One of the best parts of the program was the diversity. We had students come in from all over the world, and we were able to analyze issues from multiple perspectives.

My seminars covered issues such as: “Can Democracy Exist? A Look Towards Alternate Voting Systems” “Can Religious Fundamentalism Belong in Liberal Politics?” and “Are smartphones corrupting the youth?”

My professors and instructors were incredibly supportive and my sessions were full of meaningful conversations, and I learned much about other peoples’ perspectives.  I read a lot about the pandemic, statistics and fundamental basics of politics and law. I learned that our present-day problems in the government have a distinct pattern in our history.

I realized that if schools decided to teach more about present-day problems such as legal frameworks, international law, market regulation, and urban agriculture, it would prepare students for real-world issues.

I recommend all high school students to continue pursuing their academic interests, even during summer. Even during my grueling classes, I was able to get coffee with my friends and attend parties at night.

Our generation clearly has the power and influence to make real change in politics and media; if we don’t educate ourselves and continue to expand our relevant knowledge, we could so easily make the wrong decision. Education is so crucial in making sure our communities thrive and allow for diversity and inclusion. That is why I will be taking all the skills that I have learned during the two weeks I spent with Yale into my classroom environment and college life.

It felt great interacting with such mature and successful students around the world, and it inspired me to make change within my own community.

As school is starting back up, I can’t wait to bring those skills and knowledge I learned over the summer to the classroom.

Chandler resident Ziqing Kuang, 16, is a student at ACP High School.