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S. Chandler homeowners and SRP power line

August 19th, 2021 development
S. Chandler homeowners and  SRP power line

By Ben Gottlieb
Guest Writer

In March 2021, Intel announced a $20 billion expansion in two fabs in Chandler, Arizona

– a move one step closer to making Arizona synonymous with the semiconductor industry.

The expansion is expected to bring 3,000 new high-wage jobs and 3,000 additional construction jobs, while supporting an estimated 15,000 additional indirect jobs in the community. Chandler currently has four factories covering 700 acres, and with the expansion will be add-ing two additional “fabs.”

Production is expected to begin in 2024 and the expansion is expected to reap economic benefits in Arizona to the tune of $8.6 billion.

Such a large expansion, however, requires enormous electricity to power the additional “fabs.” SRP and the City of Chandler have reached an agreement to share certain costs for extending a high-voltage transmission line through South Chandler to connect to Intel’s Ocotillo campus.

If approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission, the high-voltage transmission line will run from Ocotillo Road and Exeter Street to Price and Germann roads. About half of the lines are expected to run underground.

While the City of Chandler and SRP have promised that South Chandler residents living around the lines should not be negatively impacted by the construction, some residents will likely be concerned about potential health effects from living near high-voltage power lines.

In addition to health concerns, residents have also long abhorred living near above-ground power lines, fearing among other things a loss of property value.

Many Chandler residents who live near the proposed overhead line routes are concerned about the proposed project.

Arizona law requires utilities such as the SRP to obtain a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility from the Arizona Corporation Commission for certain projects.

It is a public process and must be followed for projects like the power lines supporting the Intel expansion.

The review process focuses on issues such as air quality, biological resources, cultural and historical resources, geology and soils, water and hydrology, land use, noise, recreation, visual and aesthetics. SRP also coordinates with other local agencies including the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

It is expected that SRP will submit the CEC application with the ACC in late September 2021.

In November 2021, it is expected that a multi-day hearing on the application will be held in Chandler to discuss the details of the proposal.

This is a public hearing and representatives are permitted to attend. After the hearing takes place, the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee then make a recommendation on the project.

The ACC then is expected to hold a hearing in downtown Phoenix at the ACC offices in January 2022 to accept, modify, or reject the recommendations made by the committee.

While the state of Arizona and City of Chandler are expected to economically benefit from the Intel expansion, many residents are concerned about being impacted by new high-voltage power lines.

If you have questions about attending the hearing and voicing your objections or need help strategizing, hiring experts and establishing lines of communication with an SRP attorney who is spearheading the application you can contact Ben Gottlieb at ben@mandglawgroup.com; or call 602-533-2840.


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