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Weninger throws hat into GOP state treasurer race

September 14th, 2021 development
Weninger throws hat into GOP state treasurer race


Longtime Chandler politico Jeff Weninger is reaching for state office.

Weninger, currently a representative for Legislative District 17 and a former eight-year member of Chandler City Council, has announced his candidacy for state treasurer.

Incumbent Treasurer Kimberly Yee is one of several Republican candidates for governor in next year’s primary.

In announcing his bid for the Republican nomination for treasurer and a chance to manage Arizona’s $23 billion investment portfolio, Weninger is touting his experience as an entrepreneur and restaurateur.

Married and gthe father of three children, Weninger is co-owner and vice president of Arizona Sandwich Shops Inc. and the owner of Dilly’s Deli and Floridino Pizza and Pasta.

“I’ve spent my career building a business and serving our community,” he said in a release.

“As the only job creator running for Arizona State Treasurer, I know what it means to balance a state budget, manage business finances, and sign both sides of a paycheck,” he added.

A Kansas native who moved to Arizona more than 20 years ago, Weninger was first elected to the Legislature in 2015 after serving eight years on Chandler City Council.

He touted his legislation that made it easier to start a business, shepherding in the State House an update to the state’s gaming compact with Native American tribes and “fighting to keep government small and out of the way of entrepreneurs.”

“I am committed to bringing that same innovation and transparency to the Treasurer’s office,” Weninger said.

His announcement could add some excitement to the primary in LD 17, where Republicans last year tried to stop Democratic Rep. Jennifer Pawlik from winning her second term.

Weninger’s announcement already changed the equation in the Republican primary for treasurer after his House colleague, Rep. Regina Cobb of Kingman, suspended her race for treasurer and threw her support to his candidacy.

“I could not be happier to see Jeff enter the race for treasurer as I pursue a new and different opportunity to serve Arizona,” Cobb said.