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100+ Women help Boost a Foster Family

October 16th, 2021 development
100+ Women help Boost a Foster Family

By Leann Landberg and Susan Barlow
Guest Writers

In the unfortunate event that a child must be separated from their biological parents, placement with relatives, or kinship care, provides permanency for children and helps them maintain family connections.

Placement can come with little notice and can place a heavy financial burden on the foster family.

A Gilbert based nonprofit, Boost a Foster Family, helps foster children to be placed in a kinship home in a timelier manner, avoiding lengthy stays in shelters and group homes.

Boost a Foster Family helps prospective foster families fulfill their state requirements and be granted licenses quicker, thus allowing them to begin receiving much needed resources only available to licensed caregivers.

Boost a Foster Family receives referrals from the Arizona Department of Child Safety and Arizona foster care licensing agencies.

Once a referral is accepted, it swiftly supplies the required items, or coordinates the services, to ensure the home meets safety standards mandated by the state.

Foster families must meet all safety standards for their home before a child will be placed in the house. These standards include pool fences, child proof locks, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.

The cost to make appropriate modifications to their homes can be prohibitive in proceeding with the placement.  In addition, the organization provides support to get required medical services and CPR training.

Since incorporating in June 2016, Boost a Foster Family has seen incredible growth. By 2020, it had served over 1,000 families and 3,000 children.

The pandemic has brought additional concerns about the stability of foster care placements. Families already managing the stressors of the foster care system are also managing the stressors of the pandemic.

In addition, as schools have reopened, the overall number of children being placed in foster care has been increasing, creating a need for increased services.

In September, 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun presented Boost a Foster Family with a donation of $10,000 on behalf of their East Valley members.

Michelle Noe, founder of Boost a Foster Family said, “Right now, we are partnering with a few other foster care charities in a campaign called All For One. Typically, we only help kinship families with the foster care process.  This donation will help us widen our lane for three months and help community (non-biological) foster families across Arizona as well.”

100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun is a group of like-minded, passionate women who want to connect to one another and to their communities. The ladies are leveraging their resources so their small quarterly gifts of $100 per member add up to a significant donation to a local charity.

Since the chapter’s inception in 2015, close to $775,000 has been given to local charities. This group of women has learned that giving back is better together. To learn more about 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun, or to register for their upcoming giving circle on Oct. 28, visit 100wwcvalleyofthesun.org.

To learn more about Boost a Foster Family, visit boostafosterfamily.org. This charity is a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization under the Arizona Tax Credit program.  Please consider supporting them when you are making your year-end donations.