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Downtown cinema owner ‘looks’ to sudsy future

October 29th, 2021 development
Downtown cinema owner ‘looks’ to sudsy future

By Ken Sain, Staff Writer

Look Dine-In Cinemas has big plans as the company continues to open theaters across the nation.

And the location that owner Brian Schultz opened in downtown Chandler on Oct. 14 is giving him a chance to try something new: This is the first Look Dine-In Cinema that comes with a microbrewery.

Schultz says he hopes to have 20 locations open by next year – Chandler is his seventh. “We’re opening one every three weeks,” Schultz said. “It’s keeping me busy.”

So why Chandler?

“As I look around the country, there’s theaters that really matter, that are a center point of the community,” Schultz said. “Those are the ones that we’re selecting to stand back up. It was closed and it’s a shame that the community of Chandler doesn’t have a central gathering place that’s a high-quality theater.”

The theater, at the corner of Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, previously housed Flix Brewhouse, which did not survive the pandemic.

Don’t go looking for any custom-made brews just yet. Look is still in the process of getting the proper license to brew its own suds. Until then, they will offer traditional beer and other alcoholic beverages.

“We’ve been talking about doing a lot of custom blends, and we can’t wait to get that back up and started,” Schultz said.

To run his first microbrewery, Schultz hired the woman who did that job for Flix.

“The bonus I have is I know this system,” Marisa Bernal said. “I built this system, so once we fire up, everything should be OK.”

Bernal said she often gets her inspiration for a new beer flavor from the new movies being released.

“As a cinema brewery, we actually do all of our beers are going to be pushed out with big movie releases,” she said.

She talked about her process by using the upcoming release of a new Spider-Man film in December. She said she could adjust the recipe dozens of times before finding the right flavor.

Schultz is hoping it will be more than beer that brings people to his theater. He said former Flix patrons should notice some big changes.

First, Schultz said they should notice is the sound system. He says they invested in a much better sound system.

Then there is the menu itself. Schultz said they will offer everything from sushi to peanut butter and jelly sliders.

But there’s something else that patrons should notice first.

“One of the pillars of Look Cinemas is the non-distracting movie-going experience,” Schultz said. “We come in and we do all of the service before the main feature begins, so we don’t do service during.”

He said people can still order from their phones during the movie.

“When we are in the auditorium during the movie, we have ninja servers who are all in black. We have to be really careful. Dine-in movies are so great, but sometimes they can be a distraction.”

Each seat in the seven theaters has its own unique QR code that will bring up the menu when you aim your phone at it.

And maybe by January after they get a license, they’ll also be able to bring a custom-made brew.