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CUSD override, Chandler bond appear to be winners

CUSD override, Chandler bond appear to be winners

November 3rd, 2021

 Chandler voters authorized the sale of five municipal bonds worth more than $272 million in Tuesday’s election, according to unofficial results. and also appeared to back the Chandler Unified School District exceeding state spending limits by 15 percent.

Unofficial returns showed the city’s five bond questions all passing by 2-1 margins while the school district’s override was winning with 56 percent voting in favor of it and 44 percent voting against.

KYrene School District, which covers parts of northern Chandler, also was seeing its override question passing by a 61-39 percent margin, according to unofficial results.

Overall turnout showed fewer than a fifth of registered voters even bothering with the election. Just 21 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the school override contest and 18 percent of city voters cast ballots in the bond election.

A County Recorder spokeswoman said her office may post updated results Wednesday to include ballots cast Monday. However, the it is unlikely that will impact the tren d that emerged in Tuesday’s results..

Backers of both issues said the approvals would not change the property tax rate.

In the school election, Chandler voters have consistently supported exceeding state limits for about three decades. School officials say the extra money goes to salaries that allows them to attract and retain the best teachers, help with professional development and limit the size of classrooms.

Tuesday’s apparent approval grants the district a six-year window to exceed the amount of money the state allows for its maintenance and operations budget, which funds day-to-day operations. The state sets the amount each district can spend through a formula that includes enrollment and how far students must to travel to school.

That extra 15 percent approved by voters is around $41 million of the district’s $415 million budget.

 In the city election, it appears voters approved the sale of bonds on all five questions. That includes approving the sale of bonds to improve aging facilities for the first time.

 Question 5 will raise more than $33 million to renovate, replace and remodel municipal buildings and facilities. Among those high on the list for work are the Chandler Performing Arts Center, recreation centers, senior and community centers and libraries. That question passed by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent, according to unofficial results.

 Other bond sales that apparently were approved:

 Question 1 authorized the sale of nearly $73 million to construct, improve and acquire community, neighborhood, regional and aquatic parks. That measure was ahead 69 percent to 31 percent, according to unofficial results.

 Question 2 authorized the sale of more than $25 million for public safety, fire. One of the priorities is rebuilding the city’s busiest fire station, No. 2, which covers northern Chandler. It can only house two units and that area gets around 4,500 calls per year. Most of the other stations average around 2,500 calls. By remodeling the station the city hopes to add two more units there. That question received the largest margin of victory, with unofficial results showing 77 percent voting yes and 23 percent against. 

 Question 3 would add more than $55 million for public safety, police. That money would be used to construct, improve, renovate and remodel police stations. It would also will allow construction of the city’s own crime lab. Other funds would be used to purchase vehicles, and land. That measure also garnered 70 percent in favor and only 30 percent against.

 The biggest chunk of funds comprises more than $85 million for roads and transit. Unofficial results showed it got a 74 percent top 26 percent approval.