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Luxury pet supply sales help Chandler woman heal

November 12th, 2021 development
Luxury pet supply sales help Chandler woman heal

By Ken Sain
Staff Writer

Chandler resident Stéphanie Rabinowitz said it didn’t take long for her life to change directions.

“It only takes one second to change your whole life around,” she said. “I was perfectly fine before that. I’m definitely not what I used to be.”

Raninowitz walked outside of her home in Washington state and tripped and fell in 2014. The city was constructing the 520 bridge near Seattle and she said workers failed to level the road after having dug it up for a trench.

“It basically wiped my life out for four years,” said Rabinowitz, who trained for triathlons before the fall. “I fell on my face, I ended up using a cane for two years. I had to go to rehab to learn to walk again.”

That even delayed her web-based business, Le Pet Luxe, dedicated to pet supplies. She has since moved to Chandler and says the business she started in 2012 is finally taking off.

“We’re definitely growing, we’re getting more orders, which is great,” Rabinowitz said.

The website offers a variety of products, from clothing and food to bowls and beds. Rabinowitz said what she specializes in is customer service. She said many customers are surprised when an actual person returns their call.

Rabinowitz said she offers quality luxury goods at reasonable prices.

She said that kind of customer care has led to great reviews and good word-of-mouth buzz that has helped build her business.

When one customer called asking for a wheelchair for her dog, Rabinowitz said she immediately started researching options.

Rabinowitz said the hottest selling item on her website this month dog costumes. Some are buying them for Oktoberfest, others are buying them for Halloween.

She said it’s important to her that the website do more than sell goods. She also posts safety videos. In one, she sits inside a parked car for 15 minutes with a thermometer to show how hot they can get.

Another video discusses how fireworks are behind two of the biggest days of the year where many pets run away and get lost. A timelier tip is keep your black cats inside for the rest of this month. Some children will get rough with black cats the closer it gets Halloween.

I’m just trying to give a lot of education, and [support] rights for the animals,” Rabinowitz said.

She said her business was able to survive the pandemic because she was already operating out of her Chandler home. That, and people will still take care of their pets, even during an economic downturn.

“These are their babies, you’re still going to take care of your babies, feed them, give them treats,” she said. “I was working from home before the pandemic, so I don’t mind it.”

Rabinowitz says she’s still recovering from that one second that changed her life. She still suffers from PTSD, but focusing on her business has helped her recover.