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CUSD to provide round-the-clock tutoring online

November 22nd, 2021 development
CUSD to provide round-the-clock tutoring online

CUSD to provide round-the-clock tutoring online

By Ken Sain, Staff Writer

Starting in January, Chandler Unified School District students who need a tutor can schedule one 24 hours a day after the Governing Board approved a contract with on-demand tutoring service NetTutor.

The service promises to have tutors available 24 hours a day who will be able to help students in any subject, from kindergarten to the advance placement classes some high school seniors are taking.

“Wow, that’s kind of amazing in of itself,” said board President Barb Mozdzen. “When I think about all the different levels of classes and everything else the district offers, they really do need to have a wide variety of tutors available.”

The district sent out a request for proposal for the service, and six different vendors applied. NetTutor and Skooli scored the highest ranking from a committee put together to evaluate the different proposals.

The District entered an agreement with Skooli with 23 other school districts as part of a program to get lower prices for buying in bulk. However, CUSD will use NetTutor, which scored the highest.

The money for the tutoring will come from funds set aside by the Arizona Department of Education to help students overcome the challenges of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those funds are called Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief grants, or ESSER.

The contract calls for the District to pay $26 for every student who logs in and connects with a tutor. The student can then use the service again and there will not be an additional charge. That puts the maximum price tag for this year at about $585,000 if every student takes advantage of the tutoring. The contract can be renewed every year through June 30, 2026.

Service will start Jan. 3.

“The tutors are provided by the vendor, at any time of the day, when students need the tutoring,” said Dr. Craig Gilbert, assistant superintendent for secondary education for the district.

The additional service will not change the current tutoring taking place at CUSD schools.

“We have two different types of tutoring,” said Dr. Jessica Edgar, who is director of elementary curriculum and instruction. “We have the in-person tutoring, or the extension of the school day, and then we have the online piece.”

The tutoring taking place at schools are limited to students identified as needing extra help, Edgar said, while all students would be eligible for the online tutoring if they want it.

Edgar said the district limits at-school tutoring because they want to respect their teachers, who have been working all day. She said this should also help other students who can’t get tutoring at school because they are involved in sports or after-school clubs or have transportation issues.

If a student does not have access to a computer the district will work with them so they can take advantage of the online tutoring.

“Our schools also have technology on their campuses that if there is a need for a family for technology, they can actually check that out,” Gilbert said.

CUSD to provide round-the-clock tutoring online

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