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EV tutoring chief dedicated to kids’ development

November 23rd, 2021 development
EV tutoring chief dedicated to kids’ development

EV tutoring chief dedicated to kids’ development

Santan Sun News Staff

There’s a reason that Kimberly Selchan gravitated to the Tutor Doctor franchise, serving mainly Gilbert and Chandler, after working in the corporate sector for many years.

“I came from a corporate environment where I had mentors and was a mentor to others,” she explained. “I consider our service to be mentorship, far more than just subject tutoring or homework support. The mission statement I use for my region is: Helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s successful adults.”

Selchan not only is good at her job – she’s been good for Tutor Doctor, which gave her their Marketing Innovation Award for finding new ways to grow her business year-over-year.

The company explained, “In the past year, Kimberly has leveraged social media, virtual networking platforms and local small business partnerships in organic ways to grow her business, and she has committed to sharing the strategies used with fellow Tutor Doctor franchisees to help facilitate similar results.”

She achieved a 30-percent increase in the number of organic referral and lead sources year over year by developing with other local small and large businesses in the community whose focus is on children and family.

For example, she joined the board of a larger foster services agency and is now the preferred partner of its career-development program to helps teens graduate high school and obtain their GED or associates degree. She also developed relationships that helped her service gained preferred-sponsor status at two elementary schools and a recommendation as a tutoring service at three high schools.

Selchan also formed a parent and educators group on Facebook and leveraged other social media sites to respond to local families seeking tutoring services without paid ads.

Tutor Doctor is a one-on-one private tutoring service but Selchan said her staff goes beyond helping clients master a subject.

“Our tutors incorporate studying and planning techniques, accountability and self-advocacy  which will all help their students become successful adults,” she said.

So, her tutors work with students to “identify their interests and develop their strengths to become successful in a variety of settings.”

“Creating individualized programs for students in my community and witnessing their goal achievement is one of the most rewarding parts of the business,” said Selchan. “If I’m able to increase the number of tutors, students and families who grow and develop from our personalized academic mentorship and support, I’m going to do it, and that means looking to new innovations, tools and partnerships for inspiration.”

And the pandemic did not disrupt her commitment to delivering one-on-one mentoring in person.

“A big misconception of the pandemic is that tutoring shifted to virtual, but it did not,” Selchan said. “We have less than 15% of our students receiving online tutoring. The demand is very high for in-home, face-to-face relationships.”

Selchan, who holds a degree in microbiology and is an Ohio transplant, had been a senior vice president in the financial services industry before she made the jump to Tutor Doctor.

She has about 70 tutors – and is always on the lookout for qualified additions – who provide support on any Pre-K to undergraduate course as well as test preparation,. Career planning, homeschooling and even professional development such as public speaking.

“I like to focus our services on middle school to early college,” she added.

Her region includes Ahwatukee and the entire East Valley and people who want to sign as mentors need at least some college with a 3.0 average and some mentoring experience.

Potential clients or tutors can reach her at tutordoctor.com/chandler-gilbert or call 480-530-8029.

EV tutoring chief dedicated to kids’ development

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