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Lockboxes can help Chandler seniors in emergencies

December 21st, 2021 development
Lockboxes can help Chandler seniors in emergencies

By Ken Sain, Staff Writer

Mary Poindexter’s daughter was getting worried. She was in Detroit and had tried calling her mother in Chandler multiple times, but was not getting an answer or a return call.

And that was definitely not like her mother, she thought.

She called Chandler Police and asked them to do a wellness check.

“They came out and let me know my daughter had been trying to get in touch with me,” Poindexter said. She said she had recently changed her phone number and her daughter had forgotten that.

Chandler Police officers were able to gain access to Poindexter’s home because she is one of 300 seniors who have signed up for the city’s lockbox program.

“We have had numerous life-saving events and emergency medical care for residents over the past 16 years,” said Chandler Police spokesman Sgt. Jason McClimans. “With the lockbox, it allows us quick entry into a home by both us and fire, and with of course no forced entry damage.”

McClimans said that police have installed more than 1,000 lockboxes at the homes of Chandler seniors since they started the program 16 years ago. There is no charge for the service. Some of the lockboxes have been donated by the West & Southeast Realtors of the Valley.  

Poindexter said she learned of the program a few years ago while serving on a commission for the city.

“I think about safety a lot, and anything I can do to maintain my family’s safety … it’s just another layer,” she said.

Having a lockbox would allow police or fire personnel to enter your home during an emergency, like if someone was unconscious or could not move on their own.

If there is no lockbox, they would break down the door if needed.

Poindexter said she tells all her friends about the program and how valuable she thinks it is.

She said police have come to her house twice since she got a lockbox installed. The first time when her daughter called, and the second time when a friend couldn’t reach her.

“At first I apologized to them for having to come out when there was nothing wrong,” Poindexter said. “But I appreciated the fact that the system does work. If it had been an emergency someone would have been alerted and given aid.” To sign up for the senior lockbox program, visit the police department’s safety page at chandler.gov/safety.


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