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City of Chandler’s strategic plan guides priorities in 2022

February 1st, 2022 development
City of Chandler’s strategic plan guides priorities in 2022

By the City of Chandler

At the beginning of a new year, many of us create a list of intentions or resolutions to set the course for the next 12 months. That’s also true at the City of Chandler.

Team Chandler has hit the ground running with new projects and campaigns that all fit into the overall strategic plan and areas of focus that have been established by the City Council.

In November 2021, Chandler voters overwhelming voted in favor of all five questions in the bond election. This year residents will see the first project funded by the bond election: the rebuilding of Fire Station #2 on Alma School Road. And, that’s just the beginning. From road improvements to arts programming to new technology, here is a preview of what you can expect in the coming months.

• Expect updates and increased access at the Chandler Public Library. Repairs from the damage at Sunset Branch in West Chandler are entering the final stages. This popular neighborhood library branch is expected to re-open early in 2022. And, in the coming months, look for a new option for outdoor programming at Sunset. The Hamilton Branch is undergoing a redesign to create an improved public space for programs. The Chandler Public Library will also soon launch a new website and mobile app that will be more user friendly and provide a greater connection between the library and other City programs.

• One of Chandler’s most enviable assets is the number of parks. There are more than 60 throughout the City. Look for updates to your favorite parks this year. This includes resurfacing of the playground in Tumbleweed Recreation Center, a remodel of the tennis center locker room and continued improvements to athletic fields. Also look for new adaptive sports such as wheelchair tennis and volleyball, a new veterans event and the Imagination Playground.

• The community can expect more positive news as the City staff works to execute the Economic Development Strategic Plan to support both business growth and long-term economic development in Chandler. Recent announcements that will come to fruition in 2022 include a new factory in Chandler for EMD Electronics, two industrial projects in the Airpark Area (Chandler Connection and Chandler Crossroads), and the lease of a new manufacturing facility for Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies.

• In 2022, Visit Chandler will unveil an immersive experience to its tourism website, via 360-degree virtual tour and photos to promote travel to our community.

• Last year, through a recommendation from the Chandler Human Relations Commission, the City kicked off a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) assessment for input into Chandler’s future DEI programming. This will help provide a roadmap for future functions of the City’s DEI Division, both within the community and internally for employees. The results from this assessment will be analyzed this year, followed by action items based on the feedback received.

• Chandler Fire Department and Maricopa Ambulance have initiated a new agreement that will provide one additional ambulance to the City plus three backup ambulances for surge capacity.  The ambulances, staffed with a Maricopa Ambulance EMT and a Chandler Fire Department Paramedic, will help reduce response times for those residents who need medical transportation to any area hospital.   In addition, the design concepts for the rebuild of Fire Station 2 began in 2021 and construction is scheduled to begin by summer 2022. The new station will be larger in size, allowing more vehicles and firefighters to be stationed in north Chandler to help better serve residents.

• Chandler Police Department will continue to leverage technology to help officers police smarter and more effectively. The public can expect to see police employees embedded throughout the community, working alongside our residents as we work together to keep our community safe.

• The Management Services Department will finalize the 2022-23 budget in the coming months, while providing the opportunity for public comment. There will also be a Cost of Service Study with public outreach prior to the implementation of new water, wastewater, reclaimed and solid waste fees.

• There will be an election in August 2022. Voters will vote yes or no on Home Rule and also select candidates for three City Council seats and the Mayor. As for Home Rule, a “yes” vote would give the City’s elected officials the authority to determine the City’s annual spending limit based upon revenues. A “no” vote would require the City to stay strictly within the State Expenditure Limitation Program. Look for more information about this election, including candidate forums, as we head into the summer.

• Within the Neighborhood Resources Department, the Community Development Division will continue to provide housing stability services through an additional $10 million of Emergency Rental Assistance funds. The Neighborhood Preservation Division will launch a series of classes, focused on traditional neighborhoods, with a variety of topics designed to encourage engagement. The Housing and Redevelopment Division prides itself on excellent customer service and its commitment to providing low-income housing for the City of Chandler. Within the year, there will be new construction of 167 units of affordable housing at the Trails End site along McQueen Road. Another main goal will be to graduate families from the Family Self Sufficiency program, which is designed to assist current Public Housing and Section 8 participants in achieving economic independence and self-sufficiency through education and job training.

• Keeping with the Community of Innovation theme for Chandler, Development Services will initiate the City of Chandler Outside Plan fiber optic network enhancements to improve network reliability and resiliency. There will also be continued evaluation and implementation of appropriate new technologies that improve safety, efficiency and/or reliability of the City’s transportation system.

• Art, from public works to performances and exhibitions, are always appreciated by Chandler residents and visitors alike. Chandler Museum will debut a new signature exhibit, “Picturing Home: Dust Bowl Migrants in Chandler.” There will also be a return of the popular “Trivia Night at the Museum” and in-person family and early childhood programs.

• Chandler Center for the Arts and the Vision Gallery will continue to expand free and low-cost engagement opportunities for residents. With the return to national touring, the CCA will take advantage of the market opportunities to book artist and entertainment that have local, regional, and national appeal.

• There is always something happening in Downtown Chandler and 2022 will bring even more energy, new businesses and additional residences. Multiple multi-family developments are currently under construction or will break ground this year. City staff will also complete a Downtown Chandler Pedestrian and Wayfinding Plan, helping visitors navigate the area more easily. Be on the lookout for new public art projects, restaurants and nightlife options, and placemaking enhancements including outdoor furniture, new decorative pots and enhanced lighting.

• The Public Works and Utilities Department will have a continued focus on remediation of aging infrastructure in utility areas and streets. In South Chandler, the Chandler Heights Road widening project will begin construction this year and the Cooper Road improvements will be completed. Find a list of all the City’s social handles on, including the main City pages: @cityofchandler. Topics on social media include fun-filled special events, recreation classes, water conservation tips, updates on City services and feel-good stories that showcase the many people who live and work in our City, and much more. Also, subscribe to the City’s YouTube channel to find content produced by our award-winning video team and previously recorded public meetings. The City of Chandler website,, is also an excellent resource for anyone or lives or works in the City. Check out the News Center for the latest updates. As always, thank you for continuing to support Chandler restaurants, retailers, nonprofits and small businesses. When you “choose Chandler,” your dollars will funnel directly to our community, supporting local jobs and generating tax revenue.