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93-lot S. Chandler project may be one of the last

March 14th, 2022 development
93-lot S. Chandler project may be one of the last

By Ken Sain
Staff Writer

Chandler’s Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending approval of a project that would bring 93 single-family homes to south Chandler.

With the city rapidly approaching buildout, it may be a long time before another large project is proposed.

“Only a couple left,” said Kevin Mayo, the city’s planning administrator. “I don’t have an exact number off the top of my head but there are very few 20-acre and larger plots left.”

Planning and Zoning gave its blessing to the Magnolia project, which would be located on Riggs Road between Cooper and Gilbert roads.

The city has developed more than 90 percent of its available land. Mayo has said most of the space left is smaller, and would be more likely candidates for multi-family housing instead of single-family homes.

The proposal calls for a gated community with both single story, and two-story homes on about 36 acres next to the Windermere Ranch subdivision. No home builder has been identified yet.

Most of the lots will be 10,000 square feet. However, the lots along the north property line would be more than 16,500 square feet to serve as a buffer to the larger lot sizes in the Circle G subdivision to the north.

Lauren Schumann, the city’s senior planner, said the proposal includes a ramada, bocce court, tables and grills and a half basketball court in a common area. Most of the homes will be two stories.

“We received some phone calls from residents in the Windermere subdivision to the west, stating because that was all single story, they requested that those lots (the ones next to their subdivision) be single story to be compatible with them,” Schumann said. “We decided to do the east side as well.”

What the commission recommended was changing the zoning from agriculture to single-family home and approved the layout for the proposed subdivision. Since the applicant does not have a builder identified at this time, they will have to return for planning and zoning approval on the actual designs of the homes at a later date.

Schumann said to date she is unaware of any opposition to the project.