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Chandler student, 12, a published playwright

April 27th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Chandler student, 12, a published playwright

By Ken Sain
Staff Writer

Aditi Ganash, a 12-year-old Chandler resident, wanted to see the world. The problem for the Knox Gifted Academy student was the same as it was everyone else on the planet: a global pandemic limited travel.

She didn’t let that stop her and her solution for getting around that problem led to her being published in a book.

Aditi was one of two Chandler youth chosen to have their original play published in “I Have a Story.” The book’s publisher chose 31 works written by young people during and about the pandemic. They paired each student with a professional playwright to put the finishing touches on the work.

“My story is about traveling the world in Google Maps, because I was unable to go anywhere,” Aditi said. “A bunch of friends and I decided, let’s travel the world in Google Maps. So we were creating vacations, and it was a lot of fun.”

Aditi wrote up a short story about a girl named Tara who sees the world through the app.

“She has the same problem as me, and she has the same solution, except one difference, she gets stuck in Google Maps.”

She submitted it to Childsplay, a nonprofit that introduces children to theater, and it was chosen to be part of a book titled “I Have a Story.”

Childsplay paired Aditi with playwright Dr. Suzan Zeder. Together, they wrote “Whoosh.” Aditi was actually able to see a Maryland school perform her play by video recording.

She found out writing a play is a lot different from writing a story.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before,” Aditi said. “Because you have to think about the format, the scenery, the plausibility of it – that it can like actually be done, you have to think about all these little elements.

“And when it got picked up by the Lucy School I learned about a bunch of things that I didn’t even think about.”

That performing arts school near Frederick, Maryland, was looking for a play to put on and Zeder suggested “Whoosh.” After reading it, they agreed to do it. They sent Aditi a recording of her play being performed by students who are in the fifth and sixth grades.

“It was so cool,” Aditi said. “They made the anaconda 24 feet long. It wouldn’t fit on the screen.”

When Aditi was doing her own trip around the world via an app, she visited the planet’s most expensive hotel, a lot of theme parks, many beaches and even a ghost town.

Childsplay chose seven Arizona students to showcase their works in “I Have a Story.” The other Chandler resident chosen was Samantha Chuck, a freshman at Perry High School. Her story was titled “Tap Dance.”

The 229-page collection offers emotional, searing, eye-opening plays by kids in 19 states and Washington, D.C., aged 7 to 18, including eight from Arizona, whose personal stories have come to life in diverse and creative fashion.

Aditi says she plans to keep writing and is currently working on a book with a friend that she hopes to get published.

“It means so much,” Aditi said about getting her story published. “This thing that I wrote, this idea, the feeling that I had, has been turned into this play and people have performed it and people are going to be able to read my play.”