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Sun Lakes Rotary helps refugees settle in Valley

April 28th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Sun Lakes Rotary helps refugees settle in Valley

By Dr. Honora Norton
Guest Writer

The Rotary Club of Sun Lakes has been very active with the East Valley’s Welcome to America Project, which shares transportation, technology, and transformational resources to help refugees not just resettle in our country, but also find community and flourish.

WTAP creates impacts that last a lifetime for the refugees as well as the volunteers who serve.

In early April, Rotary volunteers donated, purchased, packed, delivered and setup items for the bathrooms in an East Valley apartment of a couple and their four children.

On another day, RCSL volunteers, including ASU Rotaract Rotarians, met at the WTAP warehouse and assisted the WTAP staff in the selection, packing, loading, transport, delivery and setup of household items and furniture at several refugee apartments in the East Valley.

The Rotary volunteers enjoyed opportunities to visit with the families and welcome them to America and the East Valley.

The Tempe-based Welcome to America Project is proud to celebrate over 20 years of creating meaningful interactions and providing needed resources to refugees becoming our new Phoenix neighbors.

In that time, the organization has welcomed more than 15,000 refugees from more than 40 countries, helping them find community and flourish. In the coming year, they will assist more than 2,000 incoming Afghan refugees. To donate or volunteer visit To join the Rotary Club of Sun Lakes members by volunteering with them: