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S. Chandler man loses 51 pounds, wins $10K

April 29th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
S. Chandler man loses 51 pounds, wins $10K

By SanTan Sun News Staff

Phillip Matz lost 25 percent of his body weight and gained $10,000 for it.

The South Chandler man, who dropped 51 pounds, was the top male winner in the Orangetheory Fitness Transformation Challenge sponsored by Austin Fitness Group.

Matz was one of thousands of participants in the eight-week challenge that saw a combined loss of 4.5 tons of weight.

Austin Fitness Group is an Orangetheory Fitness franchise owned by CEO Terry Blachek.

Orangetheory boasts a unique approach to fitness that blends science, coaching and technology to elevate participants’ heart rates to help burn more calories. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, Orangetheory workouts incorporate endurance, strength and power to generate the “Orange Effect,” whereby participants keep burning calories for up to 24 hours after a 60-minute workout.

Matz, 46, describes himself as “a stay-at-home dad with two very active soccer playing teenagers by day, and am a self-employed python programmer/stock trader by night.”

“I wanted to lose the weight and kickstart 2022 with a healthy lifestyle, but to also win the challenge itself gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment and pride. Seeing how proud my children and wife are of me just makes it feel all the more special.”

He credits Orangetheory with “getting me fired up and excited to make the commitment of joining the challenge in the first place, and then made it possible for me to fend off the diet-cheat urges and stick with the 8 week-long challenge thanks to the support and encouragement from the Orangetheory coaches and staff provided every step of the way.

“I never felt like I was on my own or that I was just another anonymous customer working out in a gym,” he added.

He also praised the coaches and the friendly members.

“My advice for anyone with health aspirations is start out by making a commitment to yourself to make some kind of a change and be realistic in accepting what sort of sacrifi ces this will require you to make in your otherwise daily and weekly routines,” he said.

“For me, I had to recognize that I consumed a lot of needless alcohol calories and ate way too much restaurant food,” he continued. “So I knew what my commitment to the Orangetheory challenge was going to look like – it would be eight weeks of abstaining from drinking alcohol and avoiding eating at restaurants, while also increasing my physical activities by way of going
to Orangetheory classes at least three times a week.”

“When I started the challenge, I could do a 5k in about 30 minutes, and was wearing XL shirts and having a size 36” pant waist, I ended the challenge exactly where I wanted to be – I wear a size M shirt and my pant waist is now a size 30,” Matz said. “And I can run three miles in 20 minutes, which is a great feeling as well.”