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Help Chandler make water conservation a priority

April 30th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Help Chandler make water conservation a priority

By City of Chandler

April is Water Awareness Month and now more than ever, it’s imperative for Chandler residents to focus on ways to save water, making conservation not just a habit, but a lifestyle.

Chandler has carefully planned its water usage for decades, and our water

comes from multiple sources. The Colorado River represents a portion of our water supply. Even though the City can still meet the water needs of residents and businesses, everyone is urged to continue, and even step up, their conservation efforts.

Because of continuing conservation efforts, the average household in Chandler is using 10% less water today than 15 years ago.

That is a trend that we want to continue, knowing how precious water is in the desert. To do your part, follow @cityofchandler on Instagram and Facebook and visit for water-saving tips and updates. Also check out Voices of Chandler, The Podcast wherever you stream audio to hear the “H2whOa” episode about water conservation.

Conservation begins at home

Did you know that up to 70% of water usage in a Chandler residence is outside? Think of the amount of water it takes to keep your lawn green, water flowers and shrubs, and maintain a pool. There are lots of ways to reduce consumption at home and save money at the same time.

The City of Chandler offers rebates for replacing grass lawns with xeriscape (low water use) landscape, installing a new xeriscape (low water use) landscape at a newly constructed home, or installing a smart irrigation controller that adjusts the watering schedule with weather conditions. Visit to learn how to apply for these rebates.

Spring and fall are great times to replace plants in your yard with desert adapted plants. Visit to find lots of landscaping ideas, including poolside plants, groundcovers, desert adapted trees, and desert plants.

Think beyond cacti. Many of these low-water-use plants also will add a pop of color such as the Mexican gold poppy, red hesperaloe, paper flowers and octopus agave.

Did you know that one of the best ways to conserve water in your landscape is to water longer, but less frequently? This allows you to water more deeply, promoting stronger roots. However, watering longer with sprinklers can cause runoff. To prevent runoff, water your lawn in two to three short cycles rather than one long cycle? By splitting your watering times and repeating them about one hour apart, you will reduce water runoff and achieve the desired deep watering.

Free Water-Wise site visits

You can also lean on the water professionals at the City of Chandler for expert conservation advice. Schedule a free Water-Wise Site Visit to evaluate your home’s water use efficiency.

The Water-Wise Site Visit includes an assessment of your indoor and outdoor water use. Chandler’s friendly team will offer practical tips and answer any questions that you may have.

Residents can save about 40% on their water use after following the water conservation advice. And, when the city tracks water use before and after a site visit, on average, the water use is reduced by 60,000 gallons a year!

There are also lots of free water conservation classes offered by the city throughout the year. You’ll get expert advice on everything from smart controllers to detecting leaks to xeriscaping tips.

While you can do your part to conserve, the City of Chandler continues to manage our water supply in a responsible way. For example, did you know that Chandler uses every drop of water twice?

Our city has water reclamation facilities that process wastewater and make it usable for irrigation. The beautiful lakes you see around south Chandler serve as reclaimed water storage.

These lakes allow reclaimed customers to pump water directly from them, helping the city better manage shifts in demand.

We are all in it together when it comes to water conservation. Thank you for doing your part, because every drop counts.