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Chandler council candidate: Angel Encinas

May 27th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Chandler council candidate: Angel Encinas



Years living in Chandler:

Immediate family:



Why are you running for Council?

Angel EncinasMy career helping people through the legal immigration process led me to decide to run. Assisting people to achieve the American dream has been rewarding and I want to make that difference on a larger scale. As a young professional, business owner and native from downtown Chandler, I want to bring greater representation to our council that reflects the needs and voices of our communities.

Prior to your decision to run for Council, how have you been involved in the community and/or in town government-related activities?

I work one on one with members of our community while interfacing with our government to provide legal status, employment opportunities, housing and community services. I work daily with residents of our community and that experience provides me insight on the true obstacles members of our community face.

What attributes do you bring to the table that would serve the city well, particularly if economic headwinds such as inflation confront America in the next few years? 

As a fiscally conservative business owner, I pride myself on being open minded and thoughtful on every issue. Creating programs to support residents and leveraging Chandler’s triple A bond rating responsibly to finance needed city services will help alleviate the burden of inflation on our tax payers.

Name three your top concerns in Chandler for the next four years and tell how you would address them?

Build-out, neighborhood investment, and public safety will be my top priorities. From day one, I will work to be sure that the city is allocating appropriate resources to city planning, neighborhood and community services, and our police and fire departments

Name something you would change in city government that would improve it.

Transparency and community involvement in decision making is where I believe there is great room for improvement. There are too many issues that affect our residents in which they are not educated or included. As your councilmember I will provide much greater community outreach and participation.

How can the city facilitate the development of affordable workforce housing?

I would like to see the city utilize housing and community land trusts and increased opportunity zones, repurpose vacant, under-utilized, and blighted spaces, build relationships with a diverse range of developers, and update development codes while eliminating superfluous ones

What issue has been handled poorly by the current City Council and what would you do differently?

Investment in our police and fire depts. to keep up with the growing population has been a concern of our residents and myself. Increased homelessness and misleading crime reporting have been troublesome trends. I would begin by allocating resources our officers & firefighters deserve and require to do their job effectively.

Should Chandler pass an anti-discrimination ordinance with penalties for violating its provisions? Why or why not?

 It is the job of our city government to protect all of its residents equally under the law. It is the job of our city government to protect all of its residents equally under the law. I fully support an NDO but in order for it to be the most effective, stakeholders on both sides of the issue must be brought to the table to develop it, as well as its enforcement mechanisms.

Would you support a bond issue to make the runways at Chandler Airport longer? Why or why not?

Yes, I would support a voter approved bond issue to lengthen the runways. This will allow Chandler to compete regionally for increased business and tourism dollars. Further, it will make our airport profitable rather than it being subsidized by the city.

What achievement/activity that benefitted your neighborhood or the city are you proudest of? 

My work as a legal immigration consultant has provided hundreds of people with jobs and legal pathways to become active and contributing members of our Chandler community. Having grown up in this city, I am deeply proud that I am able to contribute to its productive growth on a daily basis.

Encinas: I promise greater community engagement

By Angel Encinas
Guest Writer

As the only candidate who has grown up and spent his entire life in Chandler, I truly feel I have a unique bond to our community. I have watched our city evolve from an agricultural suburb to a tech hub with a thriving business community. This growth and maturation, however, comes with its own set of challenges.

As your council member, one of my main areas of focus will be community engagement.

We need representation that is more in tune and responsive to the needs of our communities- involving citizens in the decision-making process, utilizing our boards and commissions as resources, and not “rubber stamping,” unilateral decisions by the city is something we need more of.

Our city must do more to inform and educate our citizens of development projects which increase density, public safety concerns, neighborhood, and HOA issues and what is going on in our schools.

Growing up in the early 2000’s, I witnessed crime activity at its heights in my neighborhoods. I watched firsthand the commitment and engagement by the Chandler Police Department to slowly but surely clean up these neighborhoods, making them safer and cleaner.

However, with a complacent view towards public safety, I have seen troubling signs of lost ground on that progress due to a lack of investment in our police department, officers and resources. Relations between our officers and our community are also at an all-time low. This is where I know I can be a conduit for positive change!

Working together with our community to find common ground with our law enforcement to ensure both communities are represented and heard, is a top priority. I am from these traditional neighborhoods, and I am confident I can create a bridge of opportunity and understanding for all.

Chandler has come far, but as a candidate it’s important that our council asserts a pro-active, rather than re-active, mentality to stay at the forefront of the challenges that come with the rapid growth and build out that Chandler is experiencing.

Engaging our community when exploring answers to difficult questions fosters trust and transparency in government. By working together, we are stronger and capable of making better decisions which keep all our residents safe, happy, and healthy.

Enhancing and ensuring greater community engagement in the decision-making process is central to my campaign and it establishes trust and transparency in our local government. That is what I will bring to you as your council member.

Encinas: We must reinvest in traditional neighborhoods

By Angel Encinas
Arizonan Guest Writer

Reinvesting into Chandler’s traditional neighborhoods is an investment that benefits our entire city. Historical and culturally important neighborhoods add character and interesting nuance to our city and its residents.

It also cultivates a sense of hometown pride. It attracts new residents, and in a city where only 30% of our neighborhoods aren’t, generally speaking, track houses and developments with HOA’s, that character is ever more important in my view.

It behooves the city and the greater community not to let these neighborhoods fall into a state of disrepair. They need our protection in much the same way an HOA protects its residents.

Our city has invested millions over the years in the revitalization of our downtown. That development and investment is now slowly moving north on Arizona towards the 202.

The Chandler Arts Center, the Overstreet development, New Square, San Marcos Commons, and the influx of new restaurants and businesses exemplify the dedication of our city to our collective economic development and making our downtown one of the most vibrant, exciting, and entertaining downtowns in the Valley.

We need to reinvest in our traditional neighborhoods with the same exuberance, making them a reflection of the downtown area and reinforcing our city’s dedication to its traditional neighborhood residents and their economic maturation as well. This benefits all of Chandler.

Increased opportunity zones for residential, programs and revenue aimed at fixing blighted homes and areas in need of assistance must be a priority.  Increased community events in these neighborhoods build pride in the community, which is self-reinforcing.

I also believe holding landlords in these neighborhoods more accountable for keeping their property maintained is an area that needs greater attention. Landscaping and aesthetic investments in these areas should not be ignored either.

Greater safety measures such as increased lighting, bicycle, and pedestrian pathways, speed bumps and signage yield positive outcomes which keeps neighborhoods and the children who live in them safe.

Combined, all of these things revitalize neighborhoods, build community, protect our children, and increase residency and property values, while exemplifying our city’s commitment to all of its residents.