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Chandler native publishes new fantasy series installment

June 8th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Chandler native publishes new fantasy series installment

By Janelle Molony

Chandler native Parris Sheets, Desert Ridge High School’s color guard coach and now a popular young adult author, has published the third book in her fantasy series, The Essence of Ohr.

The new title, Beyond the Flame, also contains a secret reveal at the end that is certain to excite fans.

Sheets’ books are inspired by her own experiences as a youth and explore a fantastical new universe on the planet Ohr. In the series, a ragtag team of elemental do-gooders fight a fallen god who has sent their world into chaos.

Unforeseen events demand fifteen-year-old Kole accept hard truths about himself, while managing to keep in step with mythical gods on a mission.

Readers are introduced to walking trees, shadow villains, rock beings, talking blossoms and more, as Kole navigates a world unlike any seen before.
The book series is different from many YA novels because of the special challenge that the main character faces.

“He goes through a big transformation in the first book which makes him more vulnerable and more relatable to today’s generation,” Sheets said.

Though ugly-duckling tales have long been told, Sheets emphasized a degree of empathy teens and adult YA fans can experience through Kole’s journey.

In 2015, Sheets began her own personal transformation towards being a healthier, stronger self. She began weightlifting and has since lost 100 lbs.

On relating to her main character, she explained, “It’s like, you’ve always been you, but [because of an exterior change] the world sees you as somebody different and with new expectations.” In her fictional book, she coaches youth through the insecurities and doubts that arise with such an event.

Sheets’ first book, Warden’s Reign, published in 2020, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for YA fantasy and secured a bronze medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book Awards for YA fiction.

Readers have commented on Amazon, “I was hooked by the first paragraph,” and that it “sweeps you away right from the beginning.”

Sheets confessed it took her nearly 10 years to finish. “It was a long and difficult process, but with a gratifying result,” she explained.

Sheets attributed her passion for writing to an encouraging fifth grade teacher she hopes to thank in person one day.

In junior high, she read voraciously and felt convicted to write the kind of books that she already loved reading.

As a YA author now, she still wants her readers (of any age) to feel like they can “relax and get lost in the story.” By the reviews coming in, it is reasonable to say she has hit the mark.

Sheets said fans can expect a surprise in her fourth book, The Hollow Key, in the way the main characters will complete the final leg of their journey.

“It’s complicated,” Sheets said, explaining that preview readers have become quite emotional over the book so far.

She hinted at a bittersweet ending because of the epic battles Kole faces.

“It can never be a perfect ending for him,” said, assuring her reading audience that the final chapter will be extremely satisfying.

Visit and find her first three books on Amazon today.