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CUSD ranks its performance with an A

June 21st, 2022 SanTan Sun News
CUSD ranks its performance with an A

By Ken Sain
Staff Writer

Chandler Unified School District students are not the only ones who get a report card at the end of the school year. The district grades itself in some key metrics as a way to gauge its progress in improving the overall experience for both students and staff.

And it’s giving itself an A by scoring 44.13 of a maximum 48 points in the 30 categories it measures.

“We rank No. 1 in math, English and science, and No. 2 in reading,” said Dr. Jennifer Fletcher, district executive director of accountability, assessment and research.

CUSD uses data to determine ranks. So, in math a top ranking means 85% or higher of students are meeting career and college readiness scores. The district decided not to count six of its categories, because of the pandemic. For example, they did not look at chronic absences this year.

Here are some of the highlights from the final assessment:

Graduation rate: The goal is for CUSD to be at least 14% higher than the state four-year rate for it to get a top ranking. Fletcher said the state rate was 75% of high school seniors and CUSD graduated 90%.

CUSD fell short of its goal of having ninth-grade students who earned at least 5.5 credits in their first year of high school. The goal for a top grade is 92% or more of students to reach that benchmark. The district finished between 88% and 89.9% to finish with a three grade.

College readiness: CUSD gets top marks after its students earned more than $145 million in college scholarships. They actually earned a lot more than that, finishing with $185 million.

It also got top marks because at least 68% of students taking Advance Placement tests passed and because it had 40 or more students qualify for National Merit semifinalist or Flinn Scholarships. The district had 41 such students.

Dropout rate: The district ranked second in its goal of limiting the number of dropouts to at least 2.5% of the state’s mark. It just missed that mark at 2.48%, putting it in the third rubric.
Market share: Most parents continue to choose to send their children to CUSD schools. It got a top mark for limiting the student charter school mobility rate to under 2.5%.

Employee satisfaction: The district disqualified two of the three categories it uses to measure if its employees are satisfied with their job. It got top marks in the one they kept, with at least 90% retention rate.

Parent satisfaction: It also got top scores by parents of students, with more than 90% of them giving their schools of their youngest child a letter grade of either A or B.

CUSD gave itself the lowest grade in only two categories. One was in the equity in student perception, achievement and access category. Its rubric score in graduation rates by category fell between 0 and 1.59. It needed a score of 3.0 to get the top mark.

The other lowest grade came in the indicators for career and college readiness category. In the number of Advance Placement tests taken it had between 6,462 and 6,778. It needed 7,413 or more to get the top grade.

CUSD scored a top grade in 20 of the 48 categories it measured. It got a second rank in seven others, one third rank and the two ranks at the bottom.