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Bike lanes with barriers planned for Frye Road

July 5th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Bike lanes with barriers planned for Frye Road

By Ken Sain
Staff Writer

Chandler’s transportation staff is planning to add dedicated bike lanes with physical barriers on Frye Road.

“This will be an exciting project and pertinent to the school district here because there are five CUSD schools along the corridor,” said Jason Crampton, the city’s senior transportation planner.

“The project will start about a half mile west of Arizona Avenue, and go east all the way to the Paseo Trail.”

Crampton gave a presentation to the Chandler Unified School District’s Governing Board on the project last month.

“Traffic can get a little fast there and to put yourself right next to that high-speed traffic can get a little dicey for some people, especially the younger students and families at these elementary schools,” Crampton said. “The idea here is to add that protection in, and add a little bit of comfort and safety to make people feel like they can use these bike lanes to get to and from school.”

Crampton said obviously they won’t be able to use physical barriers at intersections. So, there the plan is for added visibility.

“It’d be critical to add high visibility, marking and signage at those conflict points,” he said.

The plan is to ask students to help provide artwork for the barriers in front of their schools. The bike lanes travel in front of San Marcos, Frye and Bologna elementary schools, Willis Junior High and Chief Hill Learning Academy.

“The hope is we can work with some of the schools there, and give the students in schools an opportunity to put their fingerprints and feel a little more ownership in this new project,” Crampton said.

The final design has not been decided yet. In some places it could be a space for plants. In front of the three elementary schools, it could be a short fence decorated with the artwork inspired by the students at that school.

Crampton said they have completed the study phase and are starting work on design.

Construction would start in the winter of 2023 and end in the spring of 2024.

He said they are looking at a variety of different design types.

“The building blocks of a protected bike lane include horizontal separation, a little buffer little space between the bike and a vehicle and then a vertical element which would add that physical protection and make sure cars don’t drift over there,” Crampton said.

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