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Chandler filmmaker debuts new movie

July 20th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Chandler filmmaker debuts new movie

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

Just like many others, Chandler filmmaker Mitesh Patel is ready to move on from COVID-19. He made three films during the pandemic that were all related in some way to the coronavirus.

Now, he’s ready to have some fun.

Patel debuted his newest film to a packed house June 29 at the LOOK Dine-in Cinemas in Chandler.

“Instant Karma” tells the story of a young couple learning about both the good, and bad sides of karma. He’s also close to releasing his next film, “Woman in the Maze,” which is about getting lost inside a cursed house.

That’s quite a change from his three previous films, the documentary “COVID-19 vs. Arizona: Our Stories;” and feature films “Anti Corona Virus” and “House of Quarantine.”

“We did it because I think it was a big topic … and people were scared, so that’s why I created “Anti Corona Virus,” just to keep people away from all this stuff going on,” said Patel, who is the president and director of Chandler’s International Film Festival. “But then, you know, we realized that it’s not going to be forever … we needed to go to the different direction.”

Patel calls “Instant Karma” a fantasy film and was pleased with the reaction he received from its debut. The film will be available to rent and stream on multiple platforms, including Amazon Prime and Apple’s iTunes store.

Patel is the producer, writer and director of the film. That’s a role that he prefers.

“The reason I do it, is because I want to make sure everything is good,” he said. “When I’m depending on somebody, then it’s kind of like I’m not sure that I’m going to get what I want. So I make sure … they’re doing the right job.”

Patel says he likes the freedom he gets as an independent filmmaker. He can break the rules whenever he wants and doesn’t have to answer to some big studio. That does make it harder to get his films before the public.

“We are not under pressure with some big studio, we just do what we love to do,” he said. “We’re not spending too much money, so we’re playing a safe game here, and we are still able to show what we want to show. That’s the beauty we have as an independent filmmaker, we can show anything we want, we don’t have restrictions. So I love that.”

With “Instant Karma” now available to stream, Patel can focus on his next film, “Woman in the Maze.” He said the setting in Jerome, Arizona was perfect to build the suspense he wanted in this film.

Patel said he’s hoping to debut it on Halloween, and release it in early 2023.

“I’m gonna wait a little bit longer,” Patel said. “It’s definitely the next level of filmmaking for me.”

Patel said he delayed the release dates for both of his new films because he wanted to get the right deals in place for the distribution of the movies.

“I kept it for a while because I was looking for better distribution deal on this,” Patel said. “I pitched it to so many companies and finally I found the best one for this one.”