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Press Coffee changes locations in southern Chandler

August 19th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Press Coffee changes locations in southern Chandler

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

Alex Mason is one of the three owners of Press Coffee, which is a bit of a journey for someone who grew up hating coffee.

“When I thought about coffee, I thought about what my parents would make every morning at home – which was not very well made for coffee,” Mason said.

The South Chandler Press Coffee recently completed a move from Queen Creek and Price roads to Queen Creek and Alma School roads and Mason is urging local residents to come in and experience what really good coffee can taste like.

“All of a sudden you have a cup of coffee that’s made well from a good product, and you realize, ‘Oh, this is actually really different than I’ve had before,’” Mason said.

He compared coffee to beer, saying there is a wide variety of flavors out there to explore.

“People don’t realize the range of options are just tremendous,” Mason said. “You can have a coffee tasting like blueberry juice, and one that tastes like sweet tobacco. I think the challenge is that visually, they look identical.”

Press Coffee opened in 2008 and now has 10 Valley locations. Mason said they moved the southern Chandler location because their lease was expiring and they found what they thought would be a better location.

The Starbucks across the street does not worry them.

“Those brands exist and are to a degree a competitor of ours, but we don’t really see ourselves in competition with Starbucks or Dutch [Brothers],” Mason said.

“That’s a drive-thru model, we don’t do any drive-thrus, everything’s walk-in. So the customer that goes there might not come to us just for convenience sake, and the folks that come to us probably don’t go there for quality sake.”

To help customers find which coffee is perfect for them, Mason said they periodically do a one-on-one tasting day, allowing customers to try four different flavors.

He said they plan to bring it back in the fall. But the best way to find which flavor is perfect for you, he said, is to ask one of their baristas.

“If you ask a barista, ‘Hey, I don’t know what I want, can you help me?’ you’re going to make their day,” Mason said. “ All they want to do is talk to you about coffee and what we have to offer and what they can make for you.

So they’re going to ask you questions like, ‘Hey, do you like your coffee sweet or fruity? Or do you like to add milk to it? Are you looking for something chocolatey? Do you like darker roasted coffees, and they’ll guide you through, ‘Hey, this is what’s going to work out for you, it’d be a great option.’ And it’ll be a springboard to really dial in what you like.”

Today, Mason is a coffee fan. He said he drinks it all the time, often making his own at home.

“It’s science,” he said. “You’re dissolving a solid into a liquid. That’s all coffee is. So you just have to know how much solid you need, how much liquid would you need? What kind of temperature you need that water at? And are you using the right ingredients? If you buy bad coffee, you’re going have bad coffee. If you buy good coffee, you have the opportunity to make good coffee, but you can still mess it up.”

And has Mason ever messed it up?

“It’s more like baking than cooking in that you just have to follow the recipe,” he said.

“However, following a recipe at five in the morning when you’re tired and haven’t had your coffee yet, isn’t always the most convenient thing in the world. I get a couple of sips that you get a little bit caffeine, you’re like, I can do better than this. And you go back and you do it right.”

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