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Tech giant Insight settling into new Chandler digs

September 17th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Tech giant Insight settling into new Chandler digs

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

Glynis Bryan, the chief financial officer for tech giant Insight, was not a fan of working from home before the pandemic.

“I’m going to tell you another secret,” Bryan said. “I wanted all my teammates in the office before the pandemic hit. Insight had a flexible work policy that says whatever your managers determine is what you can exercise in terms of flexibility in working in the office or working remotely.

“And I told my teammates that this manager chooses to have you in the office pre-pandemic.”

And then the pandemic happened in 2020 and changed everything, including the plans for Insight’s new world headquarters off Gilbert Road, between Germann and Queen Creek in Chandler. The company completed its move from Tempe this summer.

“We bought the building in 2019, we struck a deal to sell our existing buildings in Tempe and live there for a year, but before we were going to move COVID intervened and kind of threw everything into the air,” Bryan said.

“We were going to have very dense office cubes. However, we made a decision that we’re going to go back and we’re going to actually do six feet of separation because you never know when another pandemic will hit.”

Bryan said company officials wanted to move out of two buildings they were using for their corporate headquarters in Tempe into one building.

They chose Chandler for a variety reasons, including ease for their workers to get here and because many of the tech companies they work with have offices in Chandler.

She also said Chandler has the educated workforce her company needs to fill its jobs.

The building the company moved into was originally designed to be three stories.

Insight changed that, making it a two-story building because it wanted to bring as many people together as it could instead of keeping them apart.

Brothers Eric and Tim Crown started Insight in their Tempe garage in 1988. Eric had written a business plan for an assignment at Arizona State University’s business school. He received a C-.

Not deterred, he decided to go ahead with that business and in the first eight years he earned $1 billion. Insight has changed its business model a few times from those early days.

“We are on a journey to become a leading solutions integrator, not systems integrator, but solutions integrator,” Bryan said. “When we talk about being a leading solutions integrator that is marrying the product base, that we have hardware and software products, across the spectrum of all hardware and all software, with services that we wrap around to actually create solutions for our clients.”

Most of Insight’s customers are Fortune 500 companies. The company operates in 20 countries around the world and employs about 12,000 people globally. In Arizona, they employ 1,600. The Chandler office is home base for 1,100 of those employees.

The new Chandler headquarters has most of the features that tech employees have come to expect, including its own cafeteria, coffee bar, fitness center, private rooms for new moms to breast feed their children and a health clinic. Each work area has a common space where workers can collaborate with one another.

Bryan said Insight has earned a reputation for being a great company to work for.

“One of the things that we’re really proud of is the fact that at Insight, we have won a series of awards for the culture that we have here,” Bryan said. “We’re best places to work in almost every country in which we exist. It’s really a tribute to the culture that we’ve created here at Insight, through the values that we have, our purpose statement and the fact that we live those values every day.”

Bryan said the company wants to become part of Chandler. Officials plan on hosting community events, suggesting the Chamber of Commerce might be interested in hosting something in its 300-seat Crown Room.

But that will have to wait until they finish upgrading the building.

“We’re going to maybe open up the facility to some Chandler-type functions,” Bryan said. “We just want to everything’s not quite perfect yet.”