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100+ Women Who Care supports community clinics

October 11th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
100+ Women Who Care supports community clinics

By Angela Sims
Guest Writer

Approximately 11 percent of the total population of Arizona were uninsured in 2020, according to statista.com.  

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes, “Uninsured adults are less likely to receive preventive services for chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease; and children without health insurance coverage are less likely to receive appropriate treatment for conditions like asthma or critical preventive services such as dental care, immunizations, and well-child visits.”

Sonoran University’s Sage Foundation for Health (formerly SCNM Sage Foundation) exists for the sole purpose of providing healthcare to underserved family and children in Maricopa County.  

The Sage Foundation provides funding to six community clinics in Maricopa County. 

The clinics are staffed by licensed physicians and third- and fourth-year medical students from Sonoran University of Health Sciences, a fully accredited university in Tempe that offers degree programs in naturopathic medicine and nutrition. 

 At the community clinics, physicians and students treat chronic and acute health conditions using both conventional and alternative medicine, such as clinical nutrition, supplements, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy, at little to no cost.

Sonoran University’s Sage Foundation steps up and fills the need for medical care when families who cannot afford health insurance may otherwise not receive it.  

Patients include families in impoverished school districts, domestic violence survivors, women and children experiencing homelessness, those living with HIV/AIDS, and others recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  

Students and physicians from Sonoran University provide nearly 9,000 patients visits each year for both primary care and specialized patient visits.  

The students who cover these shifts get a unique opportunity to provide treatment and gain skills and experience in a community healthcare setting, working with a diverse patient population. 

They help their patients to restore their health, and to improve self-care through daily diet, exercise, and stress reduction treatment plans. 

The life-changing, life-saving work the Sage Foundation provides is made possible thanks to generous support from the community.  

Last month, the East Valley members of 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun donated $10,050 to the Sage Foundation.  

100+ Women Who Care comprises women who meet quarterly to learn about local charities and choose one charity to receive a donation of $100 from each of the members. 

 By pooling their money together, 100+ Women Who Care can make significant donations to Valley charities, making a noticeable impact for the nonprofit recipient each quarter. 

This donation will help offset the high costs of lab tests, medical supplies, pharmacy items, and other necessary supplies to keep the community clinics running and ensure they can provide high quality healthcare to thousands of patients each year. 

“The donation will go towards providing free care for underserved populations in Maricopa County. We are incredibly grateful for the support 100+ Women Who Care has shown us,” said Kayte Nettles, director of development at the Sage Foundation.

More information on the Sage Foundation’s community clinics: sage.sonoran.edu.  

100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun will hold their next quarterly giving circle in the East Valley at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 27 at Audi Gilbert. Members and guests are welcome. Visit 100wwcvalleyofthesun.org for more information and to register.