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Matty G’s owners hopes to build loyal customer base here

October 12th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Matty G’s owners hopes to build loyal customer base here

By Ken Sain, Managing Editor

Some of the regular customers at The Local in downtown Chandler were unhappy to learn its owners were shutting down and selling to someone else.

“Well where the heck am I going to watch football now?” one regular wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “Sure going to miss your awesome breakfast tacos!”

Matt Gorman hopes to build that kind of loyalty as his Matty G’s Steakburgers & Lobster Rolls opens in the space that once was home to The Local at 55 W. Chicago Ave.

“The Local was going to sell to somebody, and we hope they really like us,” Gorman said. “I think our quality of food is going to be something that they’ll enjoy. We were voted best burger place in all of Phoenix in March of this year, so we got some good things going.”

Chandler will be the sixth Matty G’s to open in Arizona, joining locations in Mesa, Gilbert, Flagstaff, Scottsdale and Phoenix.

“My wife and I love coming to downtown Chandler,” Gorman said. “And when this spot popped up, or when we found it, we jumped on it.”

Gorman said customers will enjoy the variety of offerings at Matty G’s. In addition to the steakburgers, they obviously offer lobster rolls, chicken, hot dogs, salads and wraps. Gorman said they have 67 items on their menu.

But the food is only part of the Matty G’s experience.

“A lot of places today, you’re going to come in and be just a number,” Gorman said. “‘Hey, thanks. Nobody cares.’ We’re going to joke with you. We try to know you. We can’t know everybody, but we try to meet you and talk to you. We might not remember everybody’s name, but pretty much remember a lot about what their family is or their kids and what happened. We want to be a local spot where you feel comfortable.”

And there is a definite sports vibe, with TVs on the walls to watch games and a number of jerseys as decorations. Gorman said they are carrying something over from The Local.

“We’ll still continue the bar aspect with both inside and outside,” he said. “We have six beers that we actually brew ourselves and that we hope everybody takes part in. But we are going to be a family restaurant that has really good food, with the ability to have an alcohol beverage as well.”

Brandon Marvin is one of the managers who will be running the Chandler location.

“Yeah, I used to live here. I used to live across the street,” Marvin said. “Actually, I was going to The Perch when this building was just six pillars in the woods. So it is kind of crazy to think you know, 10 years later actually, I’m helping run this building.”

Before opening the first Matty G’s in 2016, Gorman ran a sushi restaurant. He said he got the idea to combine burgers and lobster rolls from TV.

“I was watching The Profit (TV show on CNBC) one day and they had a lobster roll guy on their food truck and he’s making a killing,” Gorman said. 

The idea has been a success. Gorman said despite the slowdown the entire industry experienced during the pandemic, they’ve been able to grow. And he plans to keep expanding, both in the Valley and outside of Arizona, mentioning Tennessee, Utah and Texas as possibilities.

 Another state may depend on where his son wants to go to college.

“My kid is about to go to college in two years,” Gorman said. “So I told him wherever you want to go to college, I will open a restaurant and he can work there for a year so he can get in-state tuition. Then you you can go to four-year school a lot cheaper.”

Opening the Chandler location took longer than Gorman thought it would. But he hopes both fans of The Local and new customers will come to appreciate what Matty G’s has to offer.

During the interview, a man walked in and looked around the empty restaurant that wasn’t open at the time and said, “I just came for some tacos.”