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City plans to spruce up 3 downtown pathways

October 14th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
City plans to spruce up 3 downtown pathways

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

The City of Chandler is proceeding with its plan to make downtown pathways more pedestrian friendly.
City Council approved three contracts, each for about $150,000, to design ways to improve two downtown alleys and a street: Wall Street from Chicago to Frye; the alley north of City Hall; and Boston Street from Arizona to California.
Councilman Matt Orlando wanted to know why they were being asked to approve three different contracts instead of grouping them all together in one package.
“While they are coming together during the same month, we’ve been working on them independently over the last year and a half,” said Kim Moyers, city director of cultural development who oversees downtown as part of her responsibilities.
“So it’s just a coincidence that they all came up, they each have their own special scope of work,” she continued. “And the contractor that was chosen for each was based upon the complexities of each project.”
Moyers said all three projects are in the design stage.
She said some of the work for Wall Street has already been done, but they need to take another look at them because of the complexities involved in moving utility lines underground and the tight time frame they have. In addition to making it more pedestrian friendly, the city plans to build an archway in that alley.
City officials also want to extend a pedestrian walkway from Frye to Chandler Boulevard.
“While the project itself is just from Chicago to Frye, we’ve been working on the pedestrian trail from Chandler Boulevard, all the way down to Frye, and this is the last piece of that,” Moyers said. “So if you don’t want to walk along Arizona Avenue where all of the businesses are, you’ll be able to take a very clear path all the way down through downtown.”
“If you’ve been on Boston Street from Arizona to California, it just needs a lot of help and a lot of work,” Moyers said. “The streets are deteriorating, and we need to build that out.
“As we do that, we are looking at pedestrian features and making sure that the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings are appropriate. So that’s going to take a considerable amount of coordination, which is with each of the downtown businesses.”
The final project is the Boston Street alley north of City Hall and Serrano’s Mexican Food restaurant from Arizona to Washington.
“We’ve been doing with a lot of the alleys in this area, [trying to] make them a little more pedestrian friendly, add lighting to make them a little safer,” Moyers said. “And we’re also going to put a trash enclosure to make it a little cleaner in that area. We might even get a mural in there in the future. At the same time, we’re also going to be repaving all of the parking lot as well.”