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Basha High thespians presenting popular satirical musical

October 23rd, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Basha High thespians presenting popular satirical musical

GetOut Staff

A one-time Broadway hit that scored three Tony Awards and numerous other accolades when it debuted in 2001 will be presented next weekend at Basha High School.

The Basha Theatre Company will present “Urinetown,” a 2001 satirical comedy musical, at 7 p.m. Oct. 27 through Oct. 29 and the school auditorium 5990 S. Val Vista Drive, Chandler. Tickets are $5 in advance at the school bookstore or $10 at the door.

That ticket price is a steal not only because of the talent that has been assembled for the production.

“I love the satirical nature of the show,” said Ellen Wamsley, who plays Little Sally and is a member of the Basha High School International Thespian Society. “It addresses the ideas of conservatism, populism, capitalism, and climate change, among others.

“There is a variety of musical styles within the show and I hope that the audience recognizes the play on songs from other well-known musicals. The cast moves throughout the auditorium during the show which can be challenging to rehearse when we are not in the auditorium.”

The play centers around a dystopian city recovering from a 20-year drought. A terrible water shortage has made a basic human need impossible. A megacorporation has put a ban on private toilets, and citizens are required to use public toilets and pay. If anyone breaks the rules, they are sent to “Urinetown” and never return. One day, one of these citizens decides enough is enough and plans a revolution to free the city from the harsh regime.”

“Urinetown” has reached over 3.4 million audience members during over 20,000 performances in more than 3,600 licensed productions in 34 countries.

She added, “The cast and crew are also pretty large, which is a wonderful problem to have. The cast auditioned for the show at the beginning of the school year and began rehearsing three times a week in August. One of the biggest challenges with the show is the 2-week break the school district has in the beginning of October. The students have nine days after they return to school before the show opens.”

“I think the students have related very well to the various messages in the script. Urinetown opened on Broadway over 20 years ago and the issues it addresses are still ongoing. The students really seem to enjoy working on the show.”

The cast includes: Aiden Raley, Clara Newton, Cal Renio, Kendall Paul, Kei Henriquez, Aaron Redman, Taylor Martinez, Vina Chen, AJ Henriquez, Hannah Redman, Avery Larsen, Maya Huestiss, Kennedy Dabrowski, Evan Kienholz, Tem Sthapit, Sophia Preciado, Stella Chavez, Hannah Tuttle, Jadyn Brian, Skye Bunker, Kate Dulgarian, Evie Gagnon, Benji Goins, Sadie Hartman, McKenna Keyes, Belle Krystele, Kylie Lenio, Willow Roesler, Grace Schneider, and AJ Strickland and Gunner Pennypool.

The crew includes Desiree Lewis, Heather Jaurigui. Abigail Diehl, Riley Milne, Alex Spotten, Avy Posilippo, Jocelyn Sario, Ysabella Arriaza, Megan Anthony, Miley Baldauf, Eg Barron, Emma Best, Savannah Bluhm, Samantha Caruso, BK Chandler, Banjo Conley, Ottoman Finkel, Finley Gonzalez, Julianne Garrett, Andrea Giguiere, Basil Hess, Kevin Husted, Jacob Jaurigui, Miles Jeeves, Spencer Johnson, Atlas Lee, Toby Loss, Gabi Medina, Carli Olsen, Jaden Parent, Sam Qian, Hannah Roberts, Alana Rankin, Pearl Schwartz, Sophia Smith, Aly Sepich, Erin Stratton, Cy Stepenenko, Brian Walker, Sophie Walker, Sam Wesler and Nebi Zenebe.