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2 unique projects heading to Chandler Council

November 8th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
2 unique projects heading to Chandler Council

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

The Chandler Planning & Zoning Commission is recommending the City Council approve a large project that essentially welcomes folks to downtown and a mixed-use development that combines nine businesses with a home on top of each.

The District Downtown would be located on nearly 45 acres at the southwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Pecos, just north of the Loop 202 freeway. It would contain a wide range of buildings, including apartments, a hotel and retail and office space.

McQueen Live Work is much smaller in scale, sitting on about an acre and a half at the city’s northeast border with Gilbert. However, it would be only the second vertical mixed-use property. The plan calls for nine businesses, each with a house built on top of their business.

Here is a more detailed look at both projects, which still must be approved by the City Council.

The District Downtown

About 800 apartments would be built in two phases around a parking garage in the middle, making it easier for people to get to their homes.

The hotel would have 180 rooms.

There are four office buildings planned, two with two stories, one with four stories and the largest at six stories. Those could change depending on market conditions.

The two two-story office buildings and one of the apartment buildings would be the first built. There are 11 retail buildings planned, only two of which would be drive-thru restaurants.

There are two mixed-use buildings planned near the hotel. They would most likely be retail on the ground level, and office space upstairs. However, the developer has the flexibility to adjust to whatever the market conditions are at that time.

One of the new features added to the plan is a splash pad between retail buildings. The developer says they will use high-end products and a quality design, including plenty of shaded walkways for pedestrians.

“I think you hit it right at the end of the presentation,” Planning & Zoning Chairman Rick Heumann told senior planner Lauren Schumann.

“I think this is a link to the downtown – it’s come so long, so far, in the last 15 years or so. … I think just taking special care to make sure that’s it’s outstanding in terms of aesthetics and materials and all that, I think you’ve nailed that.”

McQueen Live Work

City officials say there is only one current place where a business owner can wake up in his bed, then after their morning routine, head downstairs and open up their shop. That would be the Crossing at Gila Springs at the corner of Gila Springs and Chandler boulevards.

This project would double that. McQueen Live Work is located on McQueen, just north of Warner Road. The developer is proposing nine homes/businesses. There would be a two-car garage behind the business on the ground floor and separate entrances to the homes.

They would be built in two buildings, with a pedestrian breezeway between them. The conceptual plans show a false front on the second level of the front of the buildings, making them look connected from the street.

The floor plans show each home would have three bedrooms, however the description only promises two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The square footage for the business area is about 700. The home area is about 1,200 square feet.