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Chandler man kills self, wounds his 2 kids

December 7th, 2022 SanTan Sun News
Chandler man kills self, wounds his 2 kids

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

A Chandler man is dead from a self-inflicted wound after he violated a court order and entered his estranged wife’s home and shot his two children.

The children, a 15-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, are expected to survive.

Derek Aaron Tighe, 52, killed himself on Nov. 20 after shooting the children in the house near Alma School and Queen Creek roads in South Chandler. The wife, 38-year-old Sophie Tighe, was uninjured.

Police say he entered the home unannounced with a handgun, shot the children, then took his own life.

A Go Fund Me page has been established by family friend Derrelyn Phelps to help pay for the children’s medical expenses. They were both in critical condition when they were first transported to the hospital.

Derek Tighe agreed to a court order not to be near his wife without notifying the Adult Probation Department in advance. It was part of his three-year supervised probation sentence for a domestic violence case that happened on Feb. 20 of this year.

Here is a summary of that case according to court records:

The parents were planning on a divorce and living in separate locations, though they still had regular contact because of the children. Derek was unemployed and unable to help with child support. Sophie asked him to help buy some groceries.

They went to Walmart together to shop, but had an argument. Derek ended up leaving his wife and two kids at the store and drove around for an hour. Sophie called a friend, who picked them up and took them to Derek’s apartment.

The daughter knew the code to open the door and entered it. Sophie put her groceries in the refrigerator so they wouldn’t spoil. Then her friend drove her to her house so she could retrieve her keys and she then went back to Derek’s apartment to get the groceries.

As she was doing that, Derek returned. He pulled her down by the hair, then retrieved his AR-15 rifle. He pointed it at his wife while he called police.

Sophie said in the police report he has pointed weapons at her before, and she knew the best thing she could do was to sit there quietly.

Both children witnessed the incident.

Derek told police he caught a burglar in his home and he had the legal right to detain her. The son collaborated his mother’s version of events.

Derek said that his wife had attacked him in the past with a knife, and was arrested for it. He said he grabbed the gun because she was near some knives and he was afraid for his life. Sophie told police that Derek had cut himself in that case, but she got arrested for it.

Derek told police he did not give Sophie permission to enter his place, and the fact that she was inside when he returned home made her a burglar. He said she only gained entry because their daughter knew the code.

The Adult Probation Department did a risk/needs assessment to determine if they thought Derek was likely to be a risk to his wife or children. They scored him a 10, which is considered medium-to-low risk. The highest score they give is 42.

The court agreed to a three-year supervised probation sentence that started on Oct. 6. He also had to pay fees at $65 a month starting Dec. 1.

Derek agreed to not contacting the victim or his children unless he had written permission from the Adult Probation Department also agreed to participate and complete domestic violence training,

He also had to notify probation authorities if he became involved in a romantic relationship, and make sure his new partner knew why he was under supervised probation.