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100+ Women Who Care donates over $1M

December 22nd, 2022 SanTan Sun News
100+ Women Who Care donates over $1M

By Kim Tarnopolski
Guest Writer

One hundred dollars at a time is how 100+ Women Who Care Valley of the Sun exceeded their goal of donating $1 Million to local nonprofits.

Eight years ago, Kim Tarnopolski, Jacqueline Destremps, Stephanie Millner, and Jenn Kaye launched a people-centered form of philanthropy called a giving circle in Ahwatukee and Scottsdale.

A giving circle brings a group of people with shared values together to collectively discuss and decide where to make a pooled gift. Giving circles support with their dollars, but also build awareness and educate members about the great work being done by local charities.

Individuals multiply their impact and knowledge, have fun, and connect with their local community.

“Over the last eight years, we’ve facilitated 91 giving circles in the Valley. That is 91 times our members were given the opportunity to donate $100 to a deserving nonprofit,” said Chief Charity Officer Stephanie Millner.

“When you add all those donations together, it quickly multiplies to tens of thousands of dollars each year.”

In November, the chapter’s East Valley group delivered $7,100 to the Arizona Humane Society.

Trenna Farrell, the nominating member, has a huge heart for animals. She educated the group about the emergency animal medical technicians who are on the streets of the Valley saving animals every day.

This dedicated team responds to over 9,000 animal rescues and investigations, annually.

The technicians provide in-the-field lifesaving care to sick, injured, and abused animals and transport them to their trauma hospital for veterinary care. They also investigate cases of animal cruelty within certain cities.

The most common animal cruelty investigations are for abandonment, welfare checks, and lack of water.

This team, the first of its kind in Arizona, is committed to giving our furry friends the home they deserve.

“We are so grateful and moved to get a donation of this size directed at our team. When we get direct funding to our team it goes to purchase gear and equipment that is necessary in the rescue of animals,” said Ruthie Jesus, manager of the Emergency Animal Medical Technicians team.

“Some of the funds will be used to buy a halligan for each truck,” Ruthie said. “This tool is used to open street drains. The fire department has them and often we must wait thirty plus minutes for them to get to the scene to open a 200-pound drain grate to save an animal.

With this tool, we will be able to do it ourselves, so we can rescue animals as quickly and efficiently as possible. It means so much and our team is so excited.”

To learn more about this team at the Arizona Humane Society visit azhumane.org/stop-animal-cruelty.

To learn more, register, and attend 100+ Women Who Care’s next giving circle in the East Valley on Feb. 2, visit 100wwcvalleyofthesun.org.