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Jane Poston has embraced this city in many ways

January 3rd, 2023 SanTan Sun News
Jane Poston has embraced this city in many ways

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

When Jane Poston finally had a chance to fully embrace a community, she took it. Poston grew up with a dad who worked in broadcast news, which meant they moved a lot as she was growing up.

Putting down roots was not an option.

“We moved all the time,” Poston said. “I was a kid that moved my whole life, about every two years. For me, you know, playing psychoanalyst, that’s why when I found a community to stay in, I dug in deep and stayed because I always wanted that.”

Poston is about to become a leader of that community. She will be sworn in on Jan. 12 to join the Chandler City Council.

“I counted it once: by the time I was 14, I had been 14 different schools,” Poston said of her youth. She said she was a bit of tomboy growing up and didn’t embrace her feminine side until reaching her 30s.

“I was born in Nebraska, then off to Iowa, Sioux City, back to Iowa, Wichita, Kansas, South Carolina, Tucson and finally Chandler.”

She said she liked being the new kid in school and admits that all that moving and being forced to make a new set of friends helped develop social skills that every politician needs.

“I did learn a secret, and that is that it was easier to move in the middle of the school year and be the new kid than it was to move at the beginning of the year,” she said, explaining that when kids move in the middle of the year, everyone knows they’re new while if they do it at the beginning, they’re just one of many new faces.

“She’s 100% a people person,” said Jason Heinkel, Poston’s husband and business partner. They own and run J2 Media together.

“It may not come across but she’s all about that,” Heinkel said. “Being that reporter/producer in the past, I think that’s groomed her to be able to talk to anybody, and communicate, and listen.”

Heinkel and Poston met while they were both working for Channel 11, a public access TV station in Phoenix. “It was actually a very good production channel where we won all kinds of awards. I got my first Emmy working out of there,” Heinkel said.

Poston was a producer and a reporter and Heinkel a freelance cameraman.

“I knew him for a year before we ever started dating,” Poston said. She recounted one of their first dates, which was a work assignment. They walked around and talked after for about an hour. He had left the recorder on, so the entire conversation was saved.

“It was such a rookie mistake,” Poston recalled with a laugh.

She said when they finally got serious about each other, things moved quickly.

“We just sort of clicked and it was very fast,” she said. “We got married pretty quick after that.”

They had been doing a number of freelance assignments as a team when they realized it would probably be best just to start their own company. J2 Media was born in January of 2000. Heinkel said they did a lot of travel stories when they first began, which allowed them to travel the world together.

“We were doing a lot of Discovery Channel’s, their top 10s,” Poston said. “So there were like, top 10 scary places, or top 10 cruise ships, top 10 family vacations, so a lot of Travel Channel stuff, too.”

Still, Poston said she valued the community she embraced in Chandler. The couple have two sons, 21 and 16.

“That was always the key to whenever I moved, is you jump in and get involved, right?” Poston said. “You jump in and you join nonprofits, you join clubs, you find ways to get to know people. And that’s how you feel like that’s your home. I’ve always said Chandler is one of those places where you can be as involved as you want to be.”

Poston did do some work in city governments, first in Phoenix and stays involved in the community, including activities on behalf of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, where she chaired its board of directors in 2021.

“I do know if I’m going to join something, if I’ve ever been asked to be on a nonprofit or join it, I don’t say yes lightly, because I know how I am once I do it,” Poston said. “I’m not going to be somebody that doesn’t read the stuff, or show up to the meetings, and it’s never going to be just sort of like punching in just to say I did it.”