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Merchant Marine opens unique salon for men

Merchant Marine opens unique salon for men

By Ken Sain
Managing Editor

Matthew Huyter said the traditional strip mall barber is designed to get people in with low prices, give them a quick cut, and then move onto the next.

It’s all about volume.

“They’re on-the-books standard is 11 minutes from walk-in to being done,” said Huyter, who chose Chandler as the first Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in Arizona. “In 11 minutes, you can’t get that attention to detail.”

Huyter said Roosters is different.

“People walk out that door knowing they’ve gotten the best haircut in years,” Huyter said. “And I’m not I’m not exaggerating by saying that. They say ‘I can’t believe it.’ I’m like, ‘Well, that’s what you get when someone takes a half an hour to cut your hair as opposed to the standard 9 to 11 minutes.’”

Huyter is in the Merchant Marines and said he wanted to own his own business that was somewhat familiar to him. Since he stands on his feet all day, he was attracted to men’s grooming.

He chose Roosters to get licenses for up to three shops in Arizona because they are a throw-back to what barber shops used to be. There was no rushing you in and out.

A shampoo, head massage and hot towel were part of the whole service – they aren’t extras that have a separate price tag.

He said he also liked how Roosters is designed, with each station set up as its own all-inclusive area. There is no walking through the shop to get a shampoo at Roosters. It happens at the same part of the salon where a customer gets a haircut.

But the biggest difference is the stylists have the time to do a quality job.

“The neckline takes a lot of time to do,” he said. “It takes some serious neck work and shave to make it look good.”

The price for that additional time, services and quality is about double what the strip mall shops charge. The club cut is $39. Roosters offers a discount for active military and first-responders that they call a “hero’s cut” for $34.

For boys 13 and younger the price is $24, and there is a $34 senior price before 3 p.m. on weekdays.

He said he did his research and decided Chandler residents were looking for barbers who gave better service and that  they would be willing to pay for it. And he decided the location at Dobson and Ray roads was perfect.

As for his other two licenses, he said he’s looking at locations in Queen Creek and Tempe, but hasn’t settled on any place yet.

Huyter said he does offer a special deal to any World War II veterans who need a haircut. He will give them excellent service for $1.

“They’re living legends,” Huyter said. “I don’t feel right collecting their money. The only reason I ask for the dollar, is because I want their autograph, so I ask them to sign that dollar.”

So far he hasn’t had any World War II veterans take advantage of the offer.

“I guess there’s not many left,” he said. “I might have to give it a few more years, and then go to Korean and maybe Vietnam.”

Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

1949 W Ray Road, Chandler